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    Originally posted by NativeBabyDoll
    maybe next time you should be a ****ing judge then!! if you dont like how the powwows in this reservation is ran then don't go or don't complain. It takes a lot of hard work and shizz to put on a powwow and obviously the ones that ***** and moan are the ones who know nothing about running one and have never judged or nothin... or simply ***** coz they have nothing better to do in their lives than to put others down.
    I F***ing was a judge. And I am from tha flathead rez i came from browning ok but i know how it is to put a powwow on i did it before and i know it is hard but damn i am serious that they need to pick more winners that are not from tha flathead rez.


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      Originally posted by blckftfncydncr
      So i guess what you are tryin to say is that they are not really that good. well that is you who is sayin that. i just still think that they should of won i know it is not about the speed and energy. im not stupid. all im sayin watchin all those other guys who were dancin i am suprised that they didnt just pick all the winners from tha flathead rez like they did last year i am suprised they actually picked people off tha rez.
      Men's Fancy
      1st Place George Abeyta - Fort Washakie WY
      2nd Place Lydall Yazzie - Mesa, AZ
      3rd Place Loiue Plant - Arlee, MT
      4th Place Alden Spoonhunter, Browning, MT

      Good balance on where the dancers were this category at least.

      Results look good to this category!
      "DANTS in beauty!"


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        Lydall is from Flagstaff, Az. ;)
        "Smile If U's A Hottie" :50:

        "Good Better Best Never Let It Rest Until The Good Is Better And The Better Is Best" :D


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          I think them blks are like all home twon commitees they faver the people from home.


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