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A follow up to Tama Powwow Results

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  • A follow up to Tama Powwow Results

    2005 Meskwaki Proclamation Day Powwow

    Drum Contest
    !st pl Blacklodge Wa
    2nd pl Meskwaki Nation Tama
    3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
    4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
    5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

    Women's Golden Age

    1st pl Vera Kingbird
    2nd pl Sylvestine Shields
    3rd pl Mabel Cozad
    4th pl Louise Scabbyrobe
    5th pl Madelynn Goodwill-Redbear

    Men's Golden Age

    1st pl Walter Old Elk
    2nd pl Patrick Spotted Wolf
    3rd pl Tommy Draper
    4th pl Boye Ladd
    5th pl Royce Kingbird

    Women's So Trad

    1st pl Keri Jhane Myers
    2nd pl Tonya Moore
    3rd pl Delaine Snowball
    4th pl Danielle Downwind
    5th pl Sandra Tate-Navaquoya

    Women's No Trad

    1st pl Dawn De Cora
    2nd pl Lacey Abrahamson
    3rd pl Verna Blackdeer
    4th pl Andrea Redman
    5th pl Allison La Plante

    Women's Fancy Shawl

    1st pl Tawny Hale
    2nd Nahmi Lasley
    3rd Shelly Eagleman- Bointy
    4th pl Urseloria Kanuho
    5th pl Lisa Ewalk- Noon

    Women's Jingle

    1st pl Willow Jack
    2nd pl Alanna Tootoosis
    3rd pl Jennifer Youngbear
    4th pl Winona Kingbird
    5th pl Tahnee Williams

    Men's So Tradish

    1st pl Ronnie Goodeagle Sr
    2nd pl Wahkeen Hamilton
    3rd pl Denny Medicinebird
    4th pl Dennis Alley Jr
    5th pl Kelly Switch

    Men's No Tradish

    1st pl Leon Old Elk Stewert
    2nd pl George Crichett Sheilds
    3rd pl Gaberial Cleveland
    4th pl Terry Fiddler
    5th pl Wendall Powless

    Men's Grass

    1st pl Ivan Lonechild
    2nd pl Mike OneStar
    3rd pl Darnell Baker
    4th pl Buck Spotted Tail
    5th pl Wayne Crue

    Men's Fancy

    1st pl Spike Draper
    2nd pl Larry Yazzie
    3rd pl Tonch St John
    4th pl Michael Roberts
    5th pl Daryl Jack

    Teen Girl Fancy Shawl

    1st pl Samantha Bointy
    2nd pl Lela Abrahamson
    3rd pl Tata Roberts
    4th pl Naomi Cleveland

    Teen Girl's Tradish

    1st pl Megan Isnana
    2nd Decroa Hawk
    3rd pl Krystle Logan
    4th pl Verlina Blackkettle

    Teen Girls Jingle

    1st pl Merri Allyn Burguier
    2nd pl Challis Baldwin
    3rd pl Tess Kinight
    4th pl Brittany Yarholar

    teen Boys Tradish

    1st pl Albert Hindsley
    2nd pl Kiowa Charlie Cozad
    3rd pl John Richards
    4th pl Junior Miller

    Teen Boys Grass

    1ST pl Cante Knight
    2nd pl Steve DuBray
    3rd pl Derek Howell
    4th pl Joseph Baldwin

    Teen Boy's Fancy
    1st pl Rick Cleveland
    2nd pl Graham Primeaux
    3rd pl Cory LeClaire
    4th pl Canku Onestar

    Junior Girls Tradish

    1st pl Charish Toehay
    2nd pl Naomi Nevaquoya
    3rd pl Sarraya Forrest Davis
    4th pl Tierra Draper

    jr Boys Fancy
    1st pl Mitchell Baker
    2nd pl Terrance Cleveland
    3rd Jessup Yazzie
    4th pl Angel Bullock

    Jr Boys Grass
    1st pl Shannon Gray
    2nd pl Dugee Tyon
    3rd pl Nanakotea Bear
    4th pl Drake Keahna

    Jr Boys Fancy

    1st pl Parish Brazelton
    2nd pl Jesse Redbird
    3rd pl Denny Keahna
    4th pl Floyd King

    Jr Girls Fancy
    1st pl Sky Blackkettle
    2nd pl Alicia Schilfield
    3rd pl Shaundeen Bear
    4th pl TT Thompson

    Jr Girls Jingle
    1st pl Brittno Pelkey
    2nd pl Keya Trujillo
    3rd pl Waskwahe Stonefish
    4th pl Bekah Nevaquoya


    Men's Tradish contest Special
    winner Dana Warrington

    Dennis Keahna Memorial Special
    Michael Roberts

    Wade Brown Memoiral Singing Contest

    winners unknown at this time
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