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Cheyenne Eagle Butte Results??

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  • Cheyenne Eagle Butte Results??

    Does anyone have the results?? I was there for a lil bit, but didn't go on Monday...

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    You didn't miss anything by not going on Monday!

    Womens Traditional -
    1. Dawn DeCora
    2. Delmarina one feather
    3. ? Charging Eagle
    4. Julie Blue Thunder

    Jr. Girls Fancy
    1. Shanna Long

    Jr. Girls Jingle
    1. Brittany Brown Otter

    Teen Boys Grass
    1. Cante Knight
    2. Jarvis Bears Tail
    3. Naca
    4. Christian Brown Otter

    Teen girls traditional
    1. Daisa One feather
    2. Decora Hawk
    3. ?
    4. Arianna Uses Arrow

    Men's Fancy
    I only remember Alden Spoon Hunter took second.

    Men's Grass
    1. Julius NA

    Womens Fancy
    1. Kelly LeBeau
    2. Cody American Horse
    3. Tiffany Phelps
    4. ?

    Womens Jingle
    1. Alice Phelps
    2. Danya
    3. Jessie Taken Alive
    Jessie might have taken second and Danya third, I'm not sure.
    4. Reva Hayes

    teen girls jingle.
    1. Tess Knight
    2. Ashley Phelps
    3. Tonia Hall
    4. ? Thunder Hawk

    That's all I can remember.
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      Soooorrrryyy.. i just have a few results from this powwow! LMAO

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