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Winnerz....msu, Billings, Mt

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  • * Cetan Zi *
    congrats to the winners...

    esp.. to cetan...long lost cuz'n..

    and to the friends of the FELIX's in a-town..

    hope to see you all next weekend in Missoula...
    Last edited by * Cetan Zi *; 04-17-2006, 01:02 PM.

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  • Furiously-Fancy

    Junior Girls Traditional
    Junior Girls Jingle
    Junior Girls Fancy Shawl

    1st Morgan King
    1st Sarraye Forrest-Davis
    1st Desiree Small

    2nd Hydee Wilson
    2nd Lilia Kingbird
    2nd Lahoma Reeder

    3rd Dancing Star Leighton
    3rd Kiah Grey Bear
    3rd Ambreya Windy Boy

    Junior Boys Traditional
    Junior Boys Grass
    Junior Boys Fancy

    1st Dezmond Rides Horse
    1st Damon Baker
    1st JJ Azure

    2nd Edmund Youpee
    2nd Jai Knight
    2nd Riley Morsette

    3rd Lyman Dixie
    3rd Gauge Ackerman
    3rd Xander Ackerman

    Teen Girls Traditional
    Teen Girls Jingle
    Teen Girls Fancy Shawl

    1st Myrann Crooked Arm
    1st Jovelle Pacheco
    1st Taylor Spoonhunter

    2nd Kylie Medicine Horse
    2nd Zunika Moore
    2nd Skye Hall

    3rd Shaynelle Lee
    3rd Tess Knight
    3rd Tia Hoops

    Teen Boys Traditional
    Teen Boys Grass
    Teen Boys Fancy

    1st Terran Guardipee
    1st Cante Knight
    1st Courtney Hayes

    2nd Adam Baker
    2nd Joseph Baldwin
    2nd Trey Trahant

    3rd Marcel Brown
    3rd Isaac Littlewind
    3rd Sam Her Many Horses

    Women's Golden Age
    Women's Northern Traditional
    Women's Southern Traditional

    1st Carmen Clairmont
    1st Mary Top Sky
    1st Danita Goodwill

    2nd Delores Goodeagle
    2nd Summer Baldwin
    2nd Amanda Harris

    3rd Gladys Jefferson
    3rd Robyn Puddwell
    3rd Tracey Moore

    4th Sandra Gallegos
    4th Loni Whitford
    4th Martha Phelan

    Women's Crow Style
    Women's Jingle
    Women's Fancy Shawl

    1st Sheri Chandler
    1st Acosia Leighton
    1st Gina Hindsley

    2nd Lydia Falls Down
    2nd Winona Kingbird
    2nd Tawny Hale

    3rd Ashley Blacksmith
    3rd December Arrow White
    3rd Kelly LeBeau

    4th Salish Old Bull
    4th Fallon Eashappie
    4th Lillian GoodEagle

    Men's Golden Age
    Men's Fancy
    Men's Grass
    Men's Southern Straight

    1st Chico Her Many Horses
    1st Walter Runsabove
    1st Quanah LaRose
    1st Ronnie Goodeagle Sr.

    2nd Sarge Old Horn
    2nd James Reeder
    2nd Keeno Gallegos
    2nd Matt Sheka

    3rd Walter Old Elk
    3rd Logan Reeder
    3rd Buck Spotted Tail
    3rd Will Shunkamolah

    4th Clifford Littlewind
    4th Aaron Wright
    4th Adam Nordwall
    4th Charles Shunkamolah

    Men's Chicken
    Men's Northern Traditional
    Men's Contemp. Trad.
    Men's Crow Style

    1st Rooster Top Sky
    1st Cetan Thunder Hawk
    1st Paris Leighton
    1st Leon Old Elk-Stewart

    2nd Dustin Whitford
    2nd David Lee
    2nd Little Crow Baker
    2nd Max Spotted Bear Jr.

    3rd Guy Fox
    3rd Richard Walks Over Ice
    3rd Robert Murray
    3rd Jace Old Elk

    4th Caleb Baker
    4th Larry Blacksmith

    4th Dean Pretty On Top

    Singing Contest

    1st Mandaree

    2nd North Bear

    3rd Apsalooke Nation

    4th Arapaho Nation

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  • Furiously-Fancy
    started a topic Winnerz....msu, Billings, Mt

    Winnerz....msu, Billings, Mt


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    Hinckley Results - 2008
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    Alright, like a good'r, i sat my arse down and wrote winners. If there are any mis-spells, my bad, I had a bad ear all weekend hahaha.
    Jr Girls Fancy
    4th - ? Roberts
    3rd - ? White
    2nd - ???
    1st - Sky Black Kettle
    Jr Girls Jingle
    4th - ? Clairmont...
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    3rd - Joanne Whitehouse
    4th - Gloria Mandamin
    5th - Monica Benson
    6th - Donna Philips
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    Jr. Girls Traditional
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    2nd - Tara Fiddler
    3rd - Jovena Scabby Robe
    4th - Paan Pai Roberts

    Jr. Girls Jingle
    1st - Sierra White
    2nd - Aidyn Nevaquoia...
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    1st Norman Largo
    2nd Marcus Loren Sammaripa
    3rd Joe Davis
    4th Fred Stands
    5th Mark Roanhorse

    Senior Men
    1st Mike One Star
    2nd Terry Fiddler
    3rd Darrell Wildcat
    4th Fabian Fontenelle
    5th Avery Thompson...
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  • meskwaki_diva
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    2005 Meskwaki Proclamation Day Powwow

    Drum Contest
    !st pl Blacklodge Wa
    2nd pl Meskwaki Nation Tama
    3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
    4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
    5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

    Women's Golden Age

    1st pl Vera Kingbird...
    09-03-2005, 03:58 AM



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