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    Sorry folks we arent gonna make it to mem day have to wait till 4th. we are already crewed up for that one.


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      Originally posted by Rainbow
      Hello Annie,
      I too had a great time!
      My first time at that powwow ,but hopfully wont be my last.
      Great time was had by all I think.
      It's so nice to go to a powwow and have " fun" hehehe.
      And just who is short???(smile)
      Ok, Ok but I bet you can see me when I dance and sing and that's what
      I admitted we're both short. lol, but your right you can be seen in your beautiful lavender regalia and you dance very well.
      Mark it on your calender to come next year! We'll have more time together then maybe. I hope to have knee replacement done either this year or next so maybe you can remind me how to dance in the circle again, afterwards, I haven't been able to dance since 1976.
      Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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        I did not go to the Mother's Day pow wow this year.. I was there last year and bought a C.D from Buffalo Horse, they are awsome! I am going to Lawrenceville probably tomorrow.. I have some things I need to do before taking off... Anyone gonna be there tomorrow?


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          I won't make any Memorial Day weekend but I hope to catch up with you at another one later this year! We just keep missing each other. lol Now you know what I look like maybe we can set a place to actually come face to face one day soon.
          Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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