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Columbus (OH) Memorial Day Pow Wow

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  • Columbus (OH) Memorial Day Pow Wow

    Just got back from the Memorial Day Pow Wow at the Franklin County Fairgrounds and have to say I had a blast! The drums were awesome, and everyone in and around the circle were respectful and knew what was going on. The food... hollayyyy!!!! It isn't too often you run into pow wows that provides a meal every day, and then also provided pizza every night. (If there's free food I'm
    The drums there... Many Voices, White Hawk, Eagle Grass, Medicine Wind, Estayapi and Maza Napin were all awesome. I wasn't expecting Guy Jones as MC, but have to say he did an awesome job!
    I've been going to this pow wow now for my fifteenth year, both at the fairgrounds and when it was still held at Fort Hayes. I've met a lot of people and made a lot of really good friends that I still have today. I've sang or danced or both almost every year I've gone, I've learned a lot and have had experiences there that have made me do a lot of thinking and praying all for the better (the buffalo exhibit man... wow.) I even proposed to my wife at that pow wow 6 years ago, it holds a lot of very special and fond memories for me personally.
    For anyone actually wanting to find out if Ohio is capable of putting on a real pow wow, I highly recommend the two NAICCO (Columbus Indian Center) Pow Wows on Memorial Day Weekend or Labor Day weekend, or the Xenia Pow Wow, (I also hear Edgewater is good, but don't know... never been) the are the best this state has to offer.
    I would personally like to thank the Welch family, the Pow Wow committee, Guy and Kenny, Bill and the guys on security, and everyone who puts this pow wow on, I've been to some of the big western pow wows, but for me going to this particular pow wow is always like coming home... thanks!
    The only complaint was the heat (it hit 105 with 95% humidity on Sunday!) but that's outta their control, unless we could approach the Franklin County Fairgrounds about building an air-conditioned arbor... aiyyyeeee.
    Just my 49 cents worth!

    I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!

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    i have to admit your 100% right redshield. thats the way a pow-wow should go on ,, the food was great,,the arena director did an awsom job as allways mr.kenny irwin..and that eagle-grass drum did an awsome job..little andrew baker as lead singer.they carry themself in a good way. i belive they put on a labour day event too.
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      Originally posted by Tashunca" Uitco
      i belive they put on a labour day event too.
      Yeah, there'll be a Labor Day Pow Wow as well... I should be able to make more of it... this year my job committments kept me bouncing back and forth on Sunday and Monday... but it does every year....
      Leave it to a job to mess with my pow wowing!... lol
      I became a singer because I love to sing... and to feed my addiction to cough drops!


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        ok...i have to say...i was head woman on saturday at this pow-wow and i had a great time except someone forgot to pay the air conditioning I did my best and tried to be a good example as a head woman unfortunately I fell extremely ill right before they retired the flags for the afternoon session so I couldn't finish the day. The reason i was ill was a mixture of insulin levels, heat exhaustion, and dehydration but thank creator i didn't get as sick from the heat as some did...(I hope they are all doing well) I must say though that i absolutely love this pow-wow and look forward to it every year as well as the labor day pow-wow when I don't travel back to Wellpinit for the Spokane Tribal Labor day pow-wow...unfortunately money issues keep that from happening every year. Anyway just my two frybreads worth.
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          Mens fancy: 1st place Wesley Cleland 2nd place Sam Lefthand
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