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Today's UC Irive, CA Powwow!

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  • Today's UC Irive, CA Powwow!

    Today, my husband & I attended the UC Irvine Powwow. It was our 1st Powwow. Since our 15th wedding Anniversary is tomorrow (The 4th), we desided to make this our gift to eachother. I wrote down some comments while we were there: It was a beautiful day, hot, but beautiful. We walked around the campus trying to find it more than we had to. I say that because when the guy that brought us turned down the street, I saw on my left a field with alot of people, and some booths set up. Didn't see any dancing at the time, but something insdie me knew it was the place, so I said "There it is!" With great excitment. But the men insisted it was up further at the Bren Center. I said "I don't think so." Well, we ended up being dropped off at the Bren Center. My hausband and I walked up to where we saw a lady selling flowers at a booth and asked about where the Powwow was. All around us were High Schooler's and their friend's and family member's, some dressed in graduation cap & gowns. I thought to myself, this isn't right, I KNOW it was down at the field we passed.Well, she didn't know anything about it and sent us back down to where we just came. But before we left, I purchased a small throw away camera for pictures and I desided to write an artical for the Orange County Register's Star-Progress paper. Well, we started walking, I had no idea how BIG that place was! 45 minutes later, we ended up in the field where it, tired, and sweating! Once I got there, all the other stuff seemed to not matter anymore. We stopped at the first booth and talked to the ladies there for awhile. They were both Navaho. After a long look and careful choosing, I bought two child beaded bands for my two small granddaughter's. They each matched their unique personalities. We walked all the way around to each booth. Then we came to one that caught my eye. I started looking at the neckless/earing sets. One stood out among the rest. I looked long and hard at it and asked how much she wanted for it. She said $30.00. I looked at my husband and he said "Do you really like it?" I said "Yes" and he bought it for me for an Anniversary gift. Then I started talking with the lady and her husband. I asked her what her indian name was (the one you're allowed to share with the public). She said "Feather." They asked me what mine was, I said "Little Bird." But the really neat thing about this moment was, I took out the neckless I just got and held it up and said "Look at this..." She said "What is it?" I said "Remember, I bought this BEFORE we knew eachother's indian names, look here...on the silver feather is a little bird! OH man! What a moment! We hugged eachother and agreed that this just was not "luck" This was for a reason, and we became instant friend's and sisters!
    Before I began asking dancer's things or taking picture's, I knew to ask FIRST. So, I went to the MC. Nicest guy you'd ever want to know! He told me how everything had to be done since I was writing an artical about this event.
    His assistant walked me around to be introduced to the head Gord Dancer. Also, a very nice guy!
    The Head Gord dancer was of the Southern Plains Indians. He said he wore what he did to respect all Veteran's and to pray for them. I asked if I could take ONE picture of him and he said yes. By the way, I took only ONE picture of each style dancer to respect them and not "OVER DO" (I said that part for first time, could turn out to be, over zealous). OK. Then I met the Powwow Princes for this powwow. She was soooo young, polite, and pretty, almost had a shyness to her. I approached her very humbly as if on egg shells, to be careful to never up-stage her in ANY way. I introduced myself and asked if I could take her picture, but wouldn't bore her or bother her with a bunch of questions. This made her laugh and she said "Sure". I noticed a very dignified man sitting close by getting ready to go on to dance and asked her who he was. She said it was her brother and did I want to meet him. I said "Uh, I think he's busy getting himself ready (I meant in his mind) to go dance." She said "Ok." She stood up and put a beautiful long shall around her for the picture, when her brother walked up. I said "OH, this would be great to have you in it and sister."
    The next person I met was a lady that danced Jingle. She was as beautiful as she was kind. She was from Canada and was from my ban, so we clicked immediately! We shared some things and I took her picture alng with her elder friend. She encouraged me to keep studying the Algonquian language. I told her it was difficult for me, but I would try not to give up. She looked hard and long at me and told me some day it will come in handy. She told me she danced for the healing of people and the sick. I couldn't tell her I use to be a nurse, still there when anyone needed me...just yet!
    I went on to meet the Drummer's. They were called "Hale & Company." I met an elder who's name was Henry who headed the drumming. He and three of his son's were playing with him today. Very nice group of men! The MC was great too. Very centered, funny, polite & freindly to all who had questions...even dumb one's. Last, but not least, I met the oldest dancer. One of the Gord dancer's that kept kidding around with me, maybe 'cause I was sooo green at this and he knew I'd just kid back with him, made him an instant little brother, well, he walked me over to meet him. He told me on the way there to be careful, 'cause he could be mean sometimes. I just smiled at him and said "Ya right, he looks nice to me!" He didn't say anything back to me, just kept walking like we had just become one walking. But as soon as we got to him, the guy I was walking with ditches inside the nearby booth. I was left standing there gazing at this magnificent man who was not only out there dancing still at his age, seen WW1, and was a code talker...well, he was sooo dedicated. full of wisdom, strong, and next to me...welll you get the picture. He looked at me and I offered my hand in friendship immediately because I knew that people like this don't need to put up with nothing but REAL and To The Point stuff. He shook my hand as I introduced myself and asked if I could take a quick picture of him. He got upset a little by his body language and looked down at the ground. I knew I had to reasure him with my heart felt intentions of such an honor to even have his attention, I said "I promise you, this WILL NOT BE published. He quickly loosened his body tention and said "Ok." Well....that's why I won't be submitting his picture here or anywhere EVER! I'm keeping my word. His name: Morrison. Hope I spelled that right.
    The dancing was great, the singing was great, the drummer's were great, the people were great, the heat was terrible, the children were adorable, and I couldn't have thought of a better gift to give my husband.
    All dance was great. My husband wouldn't go out at first but the MC convinced him to go. I went out and danced from my heart and thought of my father who passed away two years ago. It was truely a spiritual bond with everyone, God, and the respect for the land, love and freedom. I was into it sooo much that two of the women dancer's danced close to me and one looked at me and said "Hey, you're good!" I said "Thank you, I guess it IS in me!"
    "Riches from the heart can not be stolen."

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    Little Bird,
    Congratulations for your 15th anniversary!
    Seemed to be a wonderful exsiting day at the powwow...and very romantic with the 'Little Bird' for the Little Bird...marvellous! Incredible!
    Yes, I think it IS in you! I would love to see you dancing...
    All the best for you and your hubby!!!


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      Sounds like the two of you found a great way to celebrate your anv. Happy 15th!
      Courage is just fear that has said it's prayers.


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        Thank you ladies! Our Anniversary is actually today. We went to church and came home to rest. David is sleeping. Yesterday wore him out. I'm still tired too, but a good kind of tired. I keep thinking about yesterday, hoping more come next year so I can meet some folks on here in person!
        "Riches from the heart can not be stolen."


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