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Texas Championship Powwow - Trader's Houston

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  • Texas Championship Powwow - Trader's Houston

    I visited the Trader's Village powwow today as a spectator. I was quite suprised to see how few dancers that were actually there. Now granted I got there at 4pm and I am not sure if the dancers had been excused. I doubt it since they were contesting 12-6 according to their website. For a powwow that boasts $600 1st place was suprising.

    This is actually my first powwow since moving to Texas. I went to the powwow at the Ft Worth Stockyards way back when as a kid which was great...and I thought this may be the same...but not really the case.

    My husband and I were quite put off by the "caution" fencing wrapped around the whole powwow arena. How odd. Never really experienced being fenced out of the powwow arena before. We really felt like outsiders for sure. It would have made much more sense with all the open space inside the fence to have a few rows of hay wrapped around the arena for people to sit and actually outline the dance area. The fence really kept the public at a great distance from the dancers and the poor kiddos looking through the fence.

    I have never really seen people walking around with Corona in their hands at powwows either. I did see a sign with No alcohol beyond this point...but what's the purpose if you don't have anyone to enforce that. The fence really should have encircled the whole powwow area and only allowed those members of the flea market crowd in if they were Corona free.

    It was sort of a disappointment. We were only there a few hours and moved along after a few dances and checking out the vendors. Did see a old friend from about 10 years ago. That was great!

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    It was very warm this year, but thank goodness for the breeze. The pow-wow was okay. There weren't too many dancers there this year, but with many other pow-wows going on (especially with higher pay outs), I wasn't too surprised.

    I agree that it felt odd being there with so many people walking around with booze in their hands. Even though the MC announced several times that alcohol was not allowed around the arena, it didn't stop people from bringing it in especially when they were selling it a few yards from the arena.

    Anyways, yeah, been to the Stockyards when they had it in years past. It was nice. As for the bales of hay, you won't find that here in the central U.S.
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      No bales?? Why not? Too expensive since there are lots of ranchs/farms?

      I didn't know you were there. Nice to know I wasn't the only one. It's just a couple miles from my place so I probably will drop by occasionally. I did find some really nice art. So the trip wasn't completely bust. Still pissed I didn't get the fried bread tho!

      I may check out the upcoming one this Saturday as well. Just to see how it is. Since I haven't been in TX's nice to get out if only to hear the singers and stuff.


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        Yep, I was in the center arena, singing behind the guys. I will be at the other one this weekend, too. I've never been to that one, so I'm looking forward to it.

        Too bad about the frybread. Was the wait too long?? I wanted one, but I saw how long the lines were.

        As for the bales, I should have said I have not seen them used around in these parts. They usually have benches around here.

        Maybe I'll see you at the pow-wow this weekend. I'm sure you'll recognize my daughter.
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          I'm trying to remember who won this weekend, but I don't remember much.
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            Yeah, I didn't go back on Sunday. It was my anniversary so we were just relaxing at home and then planned a dinner out.

            It will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope to get over there in the afternoon sometime. I am heading to a gallery down in Alvin to see some Kirby Sattler work. One of the vendors there had some really great prints by him and I am determined to get one...or two. :)

            I think the powwow is on Richmond so I hope it's not a pain to get to. The traffic around here can be a bear.

            I may have seen ya...Did you dance while holding your daughter a couple of times?


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              I was standing outside the "fence" pulling it back and forth...saying I'm an outsider! I was just telling my husband that...I shoulda screamed it at the top of my lungs!


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                Originally posted by PrairieTX View Post
                I was standing outside the "fence" pulling it back and forth...saying I'm an outsider! I was just telling my husband that...I shoulda screamed it at the top of my lungs!
                *LOL* That would have been crazy to hear you say that.

                No, I didn't dance. I think I might've danced just one time. My niece did take her to dance a couple of times. She was in the pink beadwork.

                Yeah, traffic anywhere near Richmond can be bad on the week days, but maybe it's a different story on the weekends. I guess we'll see, huh? *LOL*
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                  Yep it sure can. Good luck trying to make your way through there. I think it depends on exactly where it is on Richmond. If it's near any shopping it will be crazy. Everyone is out shopping on the weekends it seems.

                  I look for the pink bead work then!


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