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MOTS trip to GON 2008

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  • MOTS trip to GON 2008

    i want to thank paul and and the people that voted for my pic in the photo contest....ive only dreamed about going to GON cuz i could never have afforded to go....i had the best time mom and youngest daughter and my cousins boyfriend drove down...took them like 40 hours...i enjoyed every minute...(cept gettin lost in airports..cuz im from canaduh) was something to experience...dont know if ill get the chance to go again but ill never forget it...i put some pics online....please have a look...
    chi-megwitch again!
    middle of the sky woman

    album 1
    MiddleOf TheSky's Photos - GON-2008 | Facebook

    album 2
    MiddleOf TheSky's Photos - GON-part 2 | Facebook

    album 3
    MiddleOf TheSky's Photos - GON-part 3 (look in order..thats an order aye) | Facebook

    album 4
    MiddleOf TheSky's Photos - GON-part 4 | Facebook

    please leave a comment and add me as a friend if you like...

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    wow those are really nice pix MOTS ... added you as a friend BTW lol
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      MOTS--those are some really nice pictures.

      I'm glad that you got to go and had fun.

      Maybe next year I'll be able to get I've been saying that for about 3-4 years now.LMAO But someday.


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        Terrific pictures! How thrilling! Thanks for sharing these with us.


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          Very cool Mots!!! I'm glad you had fun!
          I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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            thx people!


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              Look at you, MOTS! *LOL* You had to throw in the pic of Lotaburger in there, didnt you??? YOu meanie! *LOL* Jk.
              Bead All You Can Bead


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                Originally posted by ac_miss View Post
                Look at you, MOTS! *LOL* You had to throw in the pic of Lotaburger in there, didnt you??? YOu meanie! *LOL* Jk.
                i thought that was funny when the closet restaurant was lotaburger instead of goin to rudys i went there..a couple of


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                  great pics mots i looked at them all


                  If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving u
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                    begs we have to go there just you and time aye


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                      Good pics, MOTS!!! Wish I had been there.
                      Bead All You Can Bead


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                        MOTS!!!! Awesome pics!

                        I recognized a very good friend on pic No 23 of the first album... and wish I could have been there too. Whine.

                        Isn't it incredible? Magic? I'm so glad you made it there!

                        Thanks for all those pictures/memories...

                        And you shouldn't look any sad on that pic - you know which one LOL, you're so pretty!


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                          Great pics! I could only see about half of them. Maybe something's up with my computer.
                 is what it is...


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                            Wow! Great Pics

                            MOTS -Thanks for sharing your pics and glad to hear you had a good time. Now you can actually say you've been to Gathering. I'm glad you won the trip. Your camera takes really great pics.


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                              Nice Pics MOTS! glad you had a good time, finally an Ojibwe in Paradise!


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