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  • Powwow Catastrophe

    Hello, I am writing this thread to seek some help and advice for my mother. She and my sister went to a powwow in Kirkland WA this evening and later on in the evening someone broke into her car and stole all their regalia. They smashed both passenger windows completely to get to the suitcases. My mother and sister are completely devastated, who wouldn't be? Regalia is something that cannot just be replaced, it all has meaning and is priceless on a personal level. Has anyone experience anything like this and do you have any advice for my family? My mother did call the police and has filed a report. I have also took it upon myself to monitor ebay and the local craigslist in case their regalia should happen to show up on there. Any advice would be great. Below are pictures of some of the pieces:

    This is a picture of one of the fans stolen, the other one was made by the same person so it is similar in design except that it is mostly white in color, beadwork is peyote stitch. These fans were made by fansofmanybirds from ebay.

    This is a friend of ours wearing the red beaded set, this set includes two braid pieces, a back barrette, earrings, over the top head band, choker piece, and a purse. This set was made by kolohegurl49 from ebay.

    This is a picture of one of the fancy regalias, this set includes leggings, a dress, yoke and shawl, it also shows the beadwork set made by , the set it a turquoise color and includes a choker piece and two braid pieces.

    This is another of the fancy regalias it includes leggings, skirt, and shawl and yoke, it also shows one of the pairs of moccasins, it has maroon and purple partial beading.

    This is the other fancy regalia, it includes skirt, shawl and leggings and yoke

    This is the jingle dress that was also stolen, it also is another image of the red beadwork set and also shows the other pair of moccasins stolen, these are beaded with a white background and red roses. This also shows one of the two concho belts that were also stolen.

    These are pictures of the Alaska Native Style Button Blanket that was also stolen. The design is of the strong man and is a family crest. This crest can only be worn by clan members. It is a very distinct design.

    The dress my sister was wearing in this pic was also stolen.

    Also stolen were cedar boxes to keep our fans and plumes in. They looked similar to this one above.

    This is a picture of my sister in her sash that was also stolen, it is for Suquamish Renewal Days Powwow. Also you can see a little better view of the moccasins that were stolen.

    A plume set by walela 49 was also stolen.

    I have tons more pictures to prove these items belonged to my family and I also have receipts for most items also since we buy some things off of ebay.

    If any one has any information please call 1-252-495-3538 or 1-253-777-9351. We would just like our regalia back, no questions asked.
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    Sorry to hear that. I don't know where Kirkland is, but it could be any city, anywhere. I wish you all the luck in getting your outfits back.

    I was wondering. Why did your mom leave her suitcases, with so much valuable items in the back seat where they were visible?

    Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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      This happened to a Lakota woman awhile back. Tribal and Local police assisted in it's recovery. Also they posted pictures asap everywhere. I am sorry to hear of their misfortune, and pray they are returned. It is a sad fact of life that one can no longer assume the honesty of others.
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        Alert the pawn shops in your region. Maybe let Canadian authorities know too.

        What a crappy thing to have happen. Hope it has a happy ending.


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          Originally posted by *Powwow_Princess* View Post
          Any advice would be great.

          I am sorry to hear of this loss. I can relate as my family and I have lost many regalia articles over the years.

          Please post pictures of these outfits on This will give evidence that it belongs to your family.

          There are over 50,000 members and we are everywhere.
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            My Heart goes out to you and your Mother. I have heard of this many times. I feel an act like this takes a person without a heart or consions. I hope that you get the items back soon and suffering no damage.


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              Missing STOLEN Regalia

              Thanks for the kind words from those who have replied to my daughter. I am the one who had the regalia stolen out of my car in a "smash and dash" . We left the powwow in Kirkland, WA and went to the McDonalds restaurant 30 miles north in Marysville,WA to meet a friend who's husband had passed on a few weeks earlier. The car was locked. the regalia was in 2 suitcases (one red and the other pink) and there was a large fan cedar box with 5 fans inside. Also a smaller fan box with plumes inside. There was also a northwest coast button blanket with the image of a strongman on the back of it. The blanket is black with a red border. It had been folded inside out., buttoned on the inside. I can only hope that this will be a lesson so that this will not happen to anyone else. I pray that where ever our regalia turns up, it will be taken care of.
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                Post photos! It really helps with the ability to recover it.
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                  stolen regalia

                  yes, we will be posting photos asap. We will also be posting on We will be going to the pawn shops tomorrow in the local area where this happened. This McDonalds was located on the Tulalip Indian reservation in Marysville, WA.


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                    We cannot leave our regalia in the car anymore!

                    Originally posted by Joe's Dad View Post
                    Sorry to hear that. I don't know where Kirkland is, but it could be any city, anywhere. I wish you all the luck in getting your outfits back.

                    I was wondering. Why did your mom leave her suitcases, with so much valuable items in the back seat where they were visible?
                    People watch...follow and steal that is what this world has become! It seems like the Northwest and Florida are the worst!!!

                    Your stuff may end up in Europe???


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                      stolen regalia

                      This has been a hard lesson. I will never leave regalia in the car, even if it is locked and in suitcases and not visible. I been to the local pawn shops and dropped off descriptions of the missing items.
                      Please pass the message on. Some items are not replacable and can not have a monetary value. Thanks to all who have responded.


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                        Hope you recover your belongings....

                        Its pitiful to know people would stoop that low and steal.....The items in question really make you think....As people have mentioned pictures help....

                        Small world something is bound to turn up....Good Luck....
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                          thank-you for your kind words. I have been trying to help my daughter understand what has happened. She is 11 years old and she blames herself for my car getting broken into to. All she seems to do is cry, she won't eat like she should. She is heartbroken. I have told her that a thief can not steal her ability to sing and dance because this comes from the heart and soul. I told her that our community is strong and we stand strong together. She has a lot of support here. Better days will follow.


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                            If you will downsize your photos to about 300 X 500 pixels and email them to me, I'll post them on our website with your contact information. We get about 1000 hits a day on our website (littlecrowtradingpost), so that's even more sets of eyes looking for your regalia.

                            I won't say it's stolen, for our own legal protection. But I can post the photos and list your contact information.

                            Regalia gets stolen here in OK all the time, occasionally by strangers, but most often by relatives. A young relative disappeared suddenly one day when my husband left the living room for a moment. We didn't notice that one of his otter tails was missing from an open coat closet until a few days later. There's no doubt who took it, since no one else had been in our house. The relative was always begging to wear my husband's dance clothes, after he pawned & lost the regalia I made for him. If I ever see him wearing the otter, it will be a VERY bad day for him. We hardly leave ANYTHING laying around in "public" areas of our home anymore, because a fan or otter can disappear just as easily as a DVD or CD. It's surprising how many people will get sticky fingers if given an opportunity.

                            But don't give up hope that your regalia will turn up again. A straight dance outfit that I made for "dad" Ted Bravescout disappeared from his house in Pawnee about 10 years ago, when the house was being remodeled. Since Ted died nearly five years ago, we don't know if/when he filed a police report. So I found original photos of the outfit, and photos of him wearing it. The family was able to buy it back from the pawn shop at a decent price, since it clearly belonged to their late father.

                            Downsize your photos & send them to me. Send out emails with the downsized photos too. Just downsize your photos first, because many reservation areas have really slow dial-up service like us.
                            Janet Littlecrow
                            Littlecrow Trading Post, LLC


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                              Of course you already have it posted on our site as well ( but also check out the various MSN groups and start spreading the word through MySpace, too.
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