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  • Home from Way South Texas.

    My wife and I are home from another great trip to McAllen Texas as the Soto family and friends host the Way South Texas Powwow Oct. 23-24 2009. As always they treat us as Kings and Queens. My very good friend was the Headman, Bill Branson. He and his beautiful wife, Wendy, had a good time once they arrived. Our good friends Jim and Judy were there to help Bill and Wendy.
    I want to thank Gary Kodeseet,the MC, for making my duties as the AD very easy.

    I would recommend this trip to anyone who wishes to have a great liesure dance and you are only minutes from Mexico. This is a great vacation trip for us each year. These family members are wonderful host. Mama Soto is a marvelious cook, especially her brisquet.

    Anyone with questions about this dance could be directed towards Lipanlady. I believe it will be Oct. 22-23, 2010.

    A great big Aho/WaDo to a great family and My Friends(Our Familia).

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