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Cherokee National Holiday Powwow 2012

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  • Cherokee National Holiday Powwow 2012

    New committee this year and some different way of doing things, First off, picking Headman and Headlady each session not new elsewhere but new here. Drums all were set up to the side, Host Southern and Northern set up in front of the speaker stand.
    Dance grounds were top notch the best I have ever seen and talking with dancers from all over the place they all said the same thing it had the WOW Factor. They hired a Golf Course groundskeeper and it was putting green flat and perfectly short! Wow!!
    Weather forced the 1st day inside the new gym or what is called "The place where they Play" but the 2nd day was outside and it was a great dance
    Looking at the facebook comments everyone is buzzing about the great feelings from the dance. It was only a 2day powwow but it had all the contests including a Drum contest and it kept a brisk pace! Spectator wise I want to say there were thousands I watched a steady stream of cars to well into the 9 o'clock hour (GE was at 7)
    Since there as no Headstaff per se the Specials were none just the committee dance at the end. The contest rules were relaxed just bring your number if they called you if you won your contest. Just a nice relaxed feeling to this dance, I was bit worried at first for the committee I know there was some grumbling on the 1st day but hey NOONE can Plan for the Remnants of a Hurricane to blow thru on the 1st day. And By the way since a Groundskeeper took care of the arena it was ready to go on the 2nd day no PUDDLES!!

    Great job overall and we will be coming back!~
    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!

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    that's awesome...some new ideas there for next year tribal powwows. :)
    sigpic This is how I dance when your standing next to me...

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