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    Originally posted by Elo Janis View Post
    It is comebacks and comments like these that make people not care to participate in this forum.
    I know I became a member a few years ago and soon I became SO sick of the smart *** comments from the same few people who THINK they know every thing about EVERY facet of Native American life, yet once you get to know them personally, you see they know little, if anything about...well, anything.
    NEVER apologize or try to take back your comments or thoughts. Why give these few know it alls the pleasure of running you off or making you uncomfortable to even give your own opinion.

    A forum like this and the other million that fill the internet require everyone to be welcoming and hospitable to other members. Without that graciousness, the place will soon become a ghost town. And for all it accomplishes, it would be a shame to see this fate his this forum as it is a good resource for many native ideas and powwows.
    You are right that it appears to be a harsh post.... without "emoticons" and other symbols to put some context and emotion behind a post, it can seem harsh...

    Most of us on here don't know each other in "Real Life". Yaahl is from a military background, and I think involved with the legal dept. She also was dealing with her spouse having cancer back then. So, her post was a bit sharp, maybe, quick to the point, but never intended to Offend.

    Each post is like a sandwich....If you ask me to make you a sandwich, you may have to pick out the things you don't like, but I won't get offended So, it's not Subway sandwiches here at Powwows Dot Com where ya only get what you like.
    ( You know.... once they smear mustard on the bread, that can't be picked out. )

    I'm getting hungry....but please stay in the convos here, Variety is the Spice of Life


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      Originally posted by Daveyo View Post
      Really toolbox, you are living in a FAKE RECOVERY. Since I have connections to those who are controlling various outcome. Forget it, talking to individuals that think otherwise is truly talking to a wall.

      I have not responded here since August. Anyway go ahead and live like you always do and I do wish you all the best of luck.
      Take care.
      Dave, they bailed out the Banks, because "they were too big to fail". China is holding the cheaper US dollars because USA is importing Billions in Made In China merchandise.

      And the world economy is slowing down, or shrinking. It's a cycle, just like like Nature has Droughts and Floods.

      You are right the prices are increasing, faster than the pay scales, but if everybody has more money, then the demand increases and Inflation happens.

      The Scariest thing right now isn't even Nuclear Arms, it is THE INTERNET, Lack of Security, Lack of Control, and Hackers everywhere...whether Thieves, Governments, Spies, or Stalkers, etc

      The rest of the World is betting that USA will indeed, recover...they see it as the "safest" bet.

      Take care yourself Dave!


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