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    I just want to say that going to pow wows make me feel like the world still has purpose. It shows that the family values and traditions and all are still being taught as well as the old ways to the children. Watching the kids is the all time highlight of the events. I have one concern that bothers me each time I leave the pow wows after the final day and all awards have been issued and people are heading home. Many of the younger people just up and leave all there stuff behind. Not just garbage all ways either. Sometimes they even leave behind their tents and sleeping bags , lawn chairs etc. Don't they realize the people camping next to them know who they are and this reflects back on their families???? I KNOW THIS! My GRANDMOTHER would have kicked my arse to no end and I would have stood there and took it just as I should. I just was curious how others feel on this subject. I don't feel its right that six individuals have to clean up after all these young people who just got a nice fat envelope full of cash. I just think mutual respect goes along ways.

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    At Stanford University powwow they have a large crew of student volunteers on last day that pick up every scrap from the grounds.

    Many powwows don't have that type of workforce, and they do need the attendees to help a bit.

    My peeve is the broken chairs or canopies left behind for others to deal with.

    The good / brand new stuff - yes it is a donation of sorts, but should be folded up, maybe a note on it "free"?


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      I've seen a lot of canopies where the fabric cover just got ripper up beyond normal repair but the frames are still good. I am always tempted to grab the frame and then order a new cover for like $40. Can even resell the thing for a profit. The only thing that stops me is that I never have room in the van or truck.

      I always clean up our space once we take our canopy down and pack up our stuff.
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        I wonder if their mama picks up after them at home.

        Why must I feel like that..why must I chase the cat?

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