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Upper Mattaponi 2016, King William, Va.

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  • Upper Mattaponi 2016, King William, Va.

    Did the Upper Mattaponi for the 2nd time last weekend. 29th annual this year, so it's a well established pow wow. Smaller dancer turnout this year, smaller trader's village than last year. I was told that 3 years ago, Dennis Zotigh was the MC and there were several times more dancers than the past 2 years. '15 and '16 had the same lady MC, I don't remember her name.

    This year and last, long time repeat vendors to this event told me that it was much smaller than it had been in years past. I wonder if pow wow attendance overall is getting to be less. People have less money to spend, for sure. Travel costs a lot. Last year I met a few people from western tribes; an Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, a Navajo from The Big Rez, an Apache from a rez in AZ, a few other people from west of here. This year I only saw the Apache man. No other people from out west.

    Anybody else go the the Upper Mattaponi Pow Wow this year?

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    I missed Upper Mattaponi this year. Which drums were present? I think Stoney Creek was supposed to be there and a few others. Heard a lot of Haliwa-Saponi were there too.


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      Sorry, I don't know what drums were there. The way they lay it out, vendors don't have much of a view. I couldn't hear the drums, just the annoying voice of that MC. A few Haliwa-Saponi that I know were there, several of my cousins showed and repeat customers of mine from various pow wows were there. No idea who danced or anything much else. I was there to vend.


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