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  • Wildhorse Pow Wow Results

    (As reported in the East Oregonian) July 3rd, 2017 PENDLETON—The 23rd Annual Wildhorse Resort and Casino Pow Wow was a success by all measures. Hosted over the first weekend in July, hundreds of dancers and drummers were on hand to compete for their chance at over $90,000 in cash and prizes.

    Winners of the Drum Group Competitions were:

    Drumming Contest: (1) Black Lodge, White Swan, Wash. (Yakama/Blackfeet); (2) Buffalo Hill, Usk, Wash. (Yakama); (3) Indian Hill, Jemez Pueblo, N.M. (Inter-Tribal); (4) Southern Express, Milton, Wash. (Navajo/Shawnee/Kiowa); (5) Little Island Cree, Saskatchewan, Canada (Cree)

    Hand Drum: (1) Young Spirit, Shiprock, N.M. (Plains Cree); (2) Hill Side, Jemez Pueblo, N.M. (Jemez Pueblo); (3) Charles Woods III, Pendleton, Ore. (CTUIR); (4) Sonny Eagle Speaker, Yelm, Wash. (Cree/Blood).

    Dance Competition winners were:

    Junior Boys Fancy: (1) Dylan Sampson, Walla Walla, Pendleton; (2) Caden Steward, Umatilla, Pendleton; (3) Garian McDonald, Umatilla, Pilot Rock; (4) tie Liam Beebe, Blood, Toppenish, Wash., and Conan Foltz, Yakama, Wapato, Wash.

    Junior Boys Grass: (1) Rusty McCloud, Puyallup/Dakota/Walla Walla, Harrah, Wash.; (2) Eligiah Denny, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Ore.; (3) Sevastran Scabby Robe, Blackfeet, Tama, Iowa; (4) Moon Billy, Yakama, Wapato, Wash.

    Junior Boys Traditional: (1) tie Herschel Williamson, Nimiipuu, Kamiah, Idaho, and Christopher Beebe, Blood, Toppenish, Wash.; (2) Bryson Wallahee, Payallup/Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (3) A’Tish Williams, Cayuse, Thornhollow, Ore.; (4) Sheldon Joseph, Hopi/Umatilla, Pendleton.

    Junior Girls Fancy: (1) Valerie Scabby Robe, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (2) Keaira Wak Wak, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (3) Katelyn Tanewasha, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Ore.; (4) Jada Meninick, Yakama, Toppenish, Wash.

    Junior Girls Jingle: (1) Tosha McCloud, Puyallup/Dakota Sioux, Harrah, Wash.; (2) Alayna Bevis, Umatilla, Pendleton; (3) Kailee Lefthand, Stoney Nakoda, Morley, Alberta, Canada; (4) Victoria Butler, Siletz, Grand Ronde, Ore.

    Junior Girls Traditional: (1) Willena Whiterass, Meskwaki/Hochunk/Blackfeet, Starr School, Mont.; (2) Tyla Freeman, Pawnee, Bellevue, Wash.; (3) Jareen Hines, Umatilla, Adams, Ore.; (4) Frieda Delores Buck, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.

    Teen Boys Fancy: (1) Brian Mason George, Yakama, Toppenish, Wash.; (2) Iitnakapi Scabby Robe, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (3) Preston Olney, Dinè/Yakama, Winslow, Ariz.; (4) Kyal Dakota, Yakama, Toppenish, Wash.

    Teen Boys Grass: (1) Manny Hawley, Chippewa Cree, Seattle; (2) Hampton Onley, Dinè/Yakama, Winslow, Ariz.; (3) Ezrah Jim, Yakama, Wapato, Wash.; (4) Tyus Beebe, Blood, Toppenish, Wash.

    Teen Boys Traditional: (1) TJ Olney, Dinè/Yakama, Winslow, Ariz.; (2) Nataos Beebe, Blood, Toppenish, Wash.; (3) Donovan Cree-Chief, Din’e, Shiprock, Wash.; (4) Ethan Wallahee, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.

    Teen Girls Fancy: (1) Heaven Walsey, Yakama, Satus, Wash.; (2) Violet Whitegrass, Blackfeet/Meskwaki, Browning, Mont.; (3) Kaleen Joseph, Hopi/Umatilla, Polacca, Ariz.; (4) Aurelia Johnson, Paiute/Haida, Salem.

    Teen Girls Jingle: (1) Natasha Smith, Yakama/Nimiipuu, Lapwai, Idaho; (2) Ashley Big Knife, Chippewa Cree, Toppenish, Wash.; (3) Julianah Matamoros, CTUIR, Pendleton; (4) Denae Smith, Yakama/Navajo, Pendleton.

    Teen Girls Traditional: (1) Heaven Walsey, Yakama, Satus, Wash.; (2) Rena Penney, Nez Perce, Adams, Ore.; (3) Tia Butler, Siletz, Salem; (4) Dancingstar Leighton, Umatilla, Pendleton.

    Women’s Golden Age: (1) Wilma Buck, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (2) Audrey Olney, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (3) Charlene Tillequots, Yakama/Nez Perce, Harrah, Wash.; (4) Pat Heemsah, Yakama, Toppenish, Wash.

    Men’s Golden Age: (1) Peter Jo Olney, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (2) Clayton Chief, Ministickwan Cree, Island Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada; (3) Rainbow Azure, Chippewa/Yakama, Toppenish, Wash.; (4) Terry Heemsah Sr., Yakama, Harrah, Wash.

    Women’s Fancy: (1) Summer Dawn Olney, Dinè/Yakama, Winslow, Ariz.; (2) Denelle Stanley, Ute/Navajo/Shawnee/Creek, Seattle; (3) Mary Harris, Cayuse, Pendleton; (4) Teata Ellenwood, CTUIR, Pendleton.

    Women’s Jingle: (1) Acosia Red Elk, Umatilla, Pendleton; (2) Kia McCloud, Puyallup/Dakota Sioux, Harrah, Wash.; (3) Keeli Littleleaf, Warm Springs/Wasco, Longview, Wash.; (4) Denette Chee Chief, Dinè, Shiprock, N.M.

    Women’s Traditional: (1) Leah Villa, Grand Ronde, Warm Springs, Ore.; (2) Edwina Morning Owl, Yakama/Crow, Pilot Rock; (3) Destiny Buck, Wanapum/Yakama, Mattawa, Wash.; (4) Thea McCloud, Dakota Sioux Harrah, Wash.

    Men’s Fancy: (1) Gary Olney, Yakama, White Swan, Wash.; (2) Manny Totus, Yakama, Puyallup, Wash.; (3) Jay Meninick, Yakama, Lapwai, Idaho; (4) Jamie Ward, Wintu, Carmichael, Calif.

    Men’s Grass: (1) Gary Villa, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Ore.; (2) Denny Stanley Jr., Ute/Dine/Shawnee, Milton, Wash.; (3) Alec Bluff, Kalispel, Usk, Wash.; (4) Morris Crookedneck, Cree, Billings, Mont.

    Men’s Prairie Chicken: (1) Alex Meninick, Yakama, Harrah, Wash.; (2) Logan Quaempts, CTUIR, Pendleton; (3) Jesse Bevis Sr., Umatilla, Pendleton; (4) Kellen Joseph, Walla Walla, Pendleton.

    Men’s Traditional: (1) Colby White Sr., Yakama, Usk, Wash.; (2) Russell McCloud, Puyallup/Yakama/Walla Walla, Harrah, Wash.; (3) Nakia Williamson, Nez Perce, Lapwai, Idaho; (4) Quindon Calica, Warm Springs, Warm Springs, Ore.

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    Congrats to ALL the winners Thank you for posting the winners your awesome!!


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      Check my Wild Horse 2017 videos on my YouTube channel "Amigo Kandu"


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        Ok I will thanks


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