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*cornell Powwow & Smoke Dance 2007*

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  • *cornell Powwow & Smoke Dance 2007*

    so how did this event go? anyone got he results ?
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    cornell results

    we were at cornell this past weekend. there wasn't a whole lot of dancers this time. the drums were whitefish jrs and old bridge. smoke dance singer was solon spruce. the winners, i don't have all of them, but the ones i know are as follows:

    Golden age men

    Kevin Johnny-John

    Golden age women

    1st Nina Green
    2nd don't know her name
    3rd don't know her name


    Davey Smith
    Kyle Dowdy Jr
    Dave Lyons


    this categorie was all messed up, they called all three women to the mc table at once and never said who placed where

    Teen Men

    Gage ?
    didn't know the second place kids name

    Teen women

    not sure of her name
    the papinou girls took 2nd and 3rd

    didn't catch the winners for the boys n girls, sorry.


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      ......I have a few name but not all!
      womens smoke dance
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      2nd:teesha emarthle
      3rd:cassie thomas
      4th:lisa johnathan
      5th: naomi powless
      consolations:: tia smith , reese bomberry , keona dowdy

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