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  • Smoke Dance Singers!

    Last edited by george_washington; 07-31-2007, 05:30 PM.

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    Favorite Singers

    Originally posted by george_washington View Post
    ok Peeps dis is where u can vote for your favorite smoke dance singers! & feel free to post why u lik dem
    Ok where do I start?

    Cam Hill, Blayne Tallchief and Solon Spruce. Lyle Anderson and Jordan Smith are pretty good too.

    Overall, Cam is my absolute favorite.

    I would absolutely love a CD put out with all of these guys singing together. Cam, Solon, and Blayne were jamming a few times at the Niagara Falls powwow. It was freakin awesome!

    These guys have some powerful voices that you can feel straight through to your soul. As soon as they start singing I just wanna go! It's hard to stand still. Their music carries you. You don't have to fight to dance. Their beats are perfect. Neither too fast nor too slow.

    These guys have some real talent. There are a lot of good singers out there but very few can carry singing smoke for competition by themselves. There is a huge difference between singing for ceremonies or socials and singing for a contest


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      just a kwik question

      how come lyle always seems to be saying his throats shot? hmmmmmmmm.............di'gwa?


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        Originally posted by gadaihongwas View Post
        There are a lot of good singers out there but very few can carry singing smoke for competition by themselves.

        At the 2007 National Powwow, Josh Johnny-John did an excellent job of singing for the smoke dance competition for the whole weekend.

        I am definitely impressed as he sang song after song.

        Good job Josh!

        You da' man!
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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