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  • Why?

    Why do you dance buckskin instead of cloth? What is it about this dance style that you love the most and that makes you do this style instead of another?
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    I like doing the Buckskin because I feel it is a little more traditional, a little more history to it. but that is my opinion and reason.
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      I like the "all natural" look as opposed to manmade cloth. Also the time, effort, and talent it takes to make a buckskin dress gives the dancing more meaning.


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        I like feeling the fringe flowing in the wind while dancing and wearing a dress that you have put so much work into.:p


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          Wow, I found another old thread, that actually has a good question. I've been dancing since I was very young; I didn't enjoy it then; but as as adult, I just love it. When I dance in my buckskin; I feel myself become most near to the creator, and I'am rejuvinated and can be a better wife and mom to my family. I don't just want to dance traditional; I have to, it's become so important to my life and well-being.


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            I dance this style because I finally FOUND something that I could stick with, and enjoy! Nothing beats dancing and groovin your own style with the fringe going just the right way:D I also dance for others that are not able to, for special people in my life, and just because I enjoy it!


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              I Wuv My Mama

              Because My Mama Does! *blush* :)


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                We try to make our dresses as traditional as we can...

                Originally posted by FancyStar
                Why do you dance buckskin instead of cloth? What is it about this dance style that you love the most and that makes you do this style instead of another?
                My mother got me started in all this . She has an excellant memory when it comes to making dresses and what a person is supposed to make them of. We have as traditional Blackfeet dresses as we can have today. Some are made buckskin, some are cloth, some are velvet. Some are made of a wool cloth that's called stroud cloth and then there's a wool trade cloth too.
                Sometimes dresses are made of a calico cotton and sometimes of brocade, which is hard to get. Our grandma had one once made of a taffeta material.
                This may sound like "anything goes" when making a Blackfeet woman's dress. It doesn't, each cloth goes with a different type of dress. You don't mix them up.
                When it's time to dress up, I'll wear my buckskin and sometimes I wear one of those many "cloth" types. They all had their places in a traditional Blackfeet woman's life, which my mother and I try our best to continue to make.


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