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Denver March Powwow Results.....

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  • Denver March Powwow Results.....

    ;) Does anyone have any comments on Denver March ---any categories?

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    Just wondering who all placed in the ladies traditional category....anyone know the winners?


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      All I know is that Toni Lee Tsataoke won first place in Ladies Southern Tradish. The Denver March website will have all the winners posted pretty soon, but if anyone does know....tell us!!!


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          Originally posted by buckskinlady
          All I know is that Toni Lee Tsataoke won first place in Ladies Southern Tradish. The Denver March website will have all the winners posted pretty soon, but if anyone does know....tell us!!!
          Good Job Toni! :Thumbs That's my girl! You're off to a good start and hope you do good all year! :dancer:


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            Womens Tradish Winners
            Southern, Tonya, Toni, Karry,Chaylene, Sharon
            Northern, Jodi, Tosha, ?
            "Southern Fried Chicks" tied for 2nd in the team dance & "Southern Sistas" got 5th?


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              shoot....we all should of went...maybe we would of had the results sooner. :)
              blah blah blah....


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                Yeah....more results..i keep checking the Denver March page but nothing posted yet! :flaming:
                :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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                  i know how you feel I danced in the teen jingle and have not heard a word yet
                  it is so frusterating


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                    Originally posted by zmrichards101
                    i know how you feel I danced in the teen jingle and have not heard a word yet
                    it is so frusterating

                    *Post by Tom Clinton:

                    Southern Buck

                    5 Denine Morris
                    4 Tona Yarholar
                    3 Salina No Ear Todem
                    2 Alice YoungBear
                    1 Toni Tsatoke
                    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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                      Denver March Powwow Winners

                      GOLDEN AGE MEN

                      5th Place Harvey Charging Ft. Washakie, WY
                      4th Place Henry "Sarge" Old Horn Crow Agency, MT
                      3rd Place Clark Zephier Bad Nation, SD
                      2nd Place Joe Marcus Taos Pueblo, NM
                      1st Place Fred Stands Oglala, SD

                      SENIOR MEN

                      5th Place Boy Ladd Black River Falls, WI
                      4th Place Darrell WildcaT Anadarko, OK
                      3rd Place Gary Richards Allen, SD
                      2nd Place Joe Lafferty Iron Lightning, SD
                      1st Place Terry Fiddler Eagle Butte, SD

                      MEN'S SOUTHERN STRAIGHT

                      5th Place Delvin Bennett Gallup, NM
                      4th Place Michael Allrunner Taylorsville, UT
                      3rd Place Beaushee Wildcat Lawton, OK
                      2nd Place Matthew Sheka, Sr. Ft. Defiance, AZ
                      1st Place Wahkeen Hamilton Shawnee, OK

                      MEN'S NORTHERN TRADITIONAL

                      5th Place Wesley New Holy Oglala, SD
                      4th Place Merle Eagle Speaker Blackfoot, ID
                      3rd Place J.R. Whitehat Woodland Park, CO
                      2nd Place Fred Fox, Sr. White Shield, ND
                      1st Place Cetan Thunderhawk Poplar, MT

                      MEN'S FANCY

                      5th Place Sky Medicine Bear Loveland, CO
                      4th Place Jason Tso Chinle, AZ
                      3rd Place Garan Coons Winnebago, NE
                      2nd Place PlaceKenny Pratt, Jr. Griswold, MB, Canada
                      1st Place Jazz Bearstail Mandaree, ND

                      MEN'S GRASS
                      5th Place Lakota Clairmont Lakewood, CO
                      4th Place Mike One Star Two Strike, SD
                      3rd Place Julius Not Afraid Allen, SD
                      2nd Place Buck Spotted Tail Rosebud, SD
                      1st Place Randall Paskemin Sweetgrass, SK, Canada

                      MEN'S CHICKEN DANCE
                      5th Place Kalen Sunrhodes Ethete, WY
                      4th Place Dakota McGurk Sacramento, CA
                      3rd Place Derek Howell
                      2nd Place Chad Kills Crow Lakewood, CO
                      1st Place Rooster Topsky Rocky Boy, MT

                      GOLDEN AGE WOMEN

                      5th Place Charlene Tsoodle-Marcus El Prado, NM
                      4th Place Millie Black Bear Allen, SD
                      3rd Place Virginia Allrunner Lakewood, CO
                      2nd Place Dolores Good Eagle Pawhuska, OK
                      1st Place Roberta Wind Chief Neola, UT

                      SENIOR WOMEN
                      5th Place Mary Lou Olson Broken Head, Canada
                      4th Place Maryann High Eagle Altoma, MB, Canada
                      3rd Place Patricia Roy Trujillo Denver, CO
                      2nd Place Carmen Clairmont Lakewood, CO
                      1st Place Charlene Cozad Hominy, OK

                      WOMEN'S SOUTHERN CLOTH
                      5th Place Mary Wildcat Lawton, OK
                      4th Place Leah Brown Sacramento, CA
                      3rd Place Kay Kay Franklin El Reno, OK
                      2nd Place Danita Goodwill Havre, MT
                      1st Place Buffy Simmons Red Rock, OK

                      WOMEN'S SOUTHERN BUCKSKIN
                      5th Place Denine Morris Tama, IA
                      4th Place Tonah Yarholar Oklahoma City, OK
                      3rd Place Salina No Ear Todome Tulsa, OK
                      2nd Place Alice Youngbear New Town, ND
                      1st Place Toni Tsatoke Norman, OK

                      WOMEN'S NORTHERN CLOTH
                      5th Place Lisa Little Iron Tempe, AZ
                      4th Place Tisa Matheson Spokane, WA
                      3rd Place Marissa Woody Bloomfield, NM
                      2nd Place Sheri Chandler Crow Agency, MT
                      1st Place Robbyn Pudwell Bismarck, ND

                      WOMEN'S NORTHERN BUCKSKIN
                      5th Place Renita Blackgoat Albuquerque, NM
                      4th Place Bazille Windy Boy Mattawa, WA
                      3rd Place Summer Baldwin Ft. Hall, ID
                      2nd Place Rebecca Smith St. Michaels, ND
                      1st Place Delmarina One Feather Oglala, SD

                      WOMEN'S FANCY
                      5th Place Tiffany Phelps Weston Oglala, SD
                      4th Place Crystalena Pacheco Sacramento, CA
                      3rd Place Tanksi Clairmont Lakewood, CO
                      2nd Place Tawny Hale Los Angeles, CA
                      1st Place Gracie Her Many Horses Rocky Boy, MT

                      WOMENS JINGLE

                      5th Place Grace Pushetonequa Montour, IA
                      4th Place Denise One Star Two Strike, SD
                      3rd Place Candace McCabe Rio Rancho, NM
                      2nd Place Jennifer Youngbear New Town, ND
                      1st Place Acosia Leighton Ridgecrest, CA

                      TEEN BOYS TRADITIONAL
                      5th Place Nathan Chee Salt Lake City, UT
                      4th Place Gary Richards Allen, SD
                      3rd Place Coleman Eagle Elk Pawhuska, OK
                      2nd Place Corey Nelson Window Rock, AZ
                      1st Place Kiowa Cozad Hominy, OK

                      TEEN BOYS FANCY

                      5th Place Nate Iron Shell Rosebud, SD
                      4th Place Todd Janis Oglala, SD
                      3rd Place Marlon Kelly Porcupine, SD
                      2nd Place Graham Primeaux Shawnee, OK
                      1st Place Canku One Star Two Strike, SD

                      TEEN BOYS GRASS
                      5th Place Joseph Baldwin Ft. Hall, ID
                      4th Place Charles Goforth Babewuies, SK, Canada
                      3rd Place Ishmael Begay Shiprock, NM
                      2nd Place Naca Charging Crow Kyle, SD
                      1st Place Cante Knight Thunder Valley, SD

                      TEEN GIRLS TRADITIONAL
                      5th Place Alexis Chaboyel Minneapolis, MN
                      4th Place Charish Toehay Anadarko, OK
                      3rd Place Cheyenne Fiddler Minneapolis, MN
                      2nd Place Celeste McGurk Sacramento, CA
                      1st Place Daisa One Feather Oglala, SD

                      TEEN GIRLS FANCY SHAWL

                      5th Place Autumn Zotigh Albuquerque, NM
                      4th Place Vonna Blacksmith Oglala, SD
                      3rd Place Leela Arahamson Ft. Hall, ID
                      2nd Place Kelly Walker Bismarck, ND
                      1st Place Skye Hall Mandaree, ND

                      TEEN GIRLS JINGLE
                      5th Place Katie Ironstar Balcarres, SK, Canada
                      4th Place Jovelle Pacheco Sacramento, CA
                      3rd Place Challos Baldwin Ft. Hall, ID
                      2nd Place Tess Knight Thunder Valley, SD
                      1st Place Ann Shield-Diaz Pine Ridge, SD

                      JR. BOYS TRADITIONAL

                      5th Place Doug Green Mayetta, KS
                      4th Place Fred Fox, Jr. White Shield, ND
                      3rd Place Justin Williams Oglala, SD
                      2nd Place Devin Cross Dog Oglala, SD
                      1st Place Jamon Paskemin Sweetgrass, SK, Canada

                      JUNIOR BOYS FANCY

                      5th Place Keegan Her Many Horses Lander, WY
                      4th Place Robert Howell-Mellon Colorado Springs, CO
                      3rd Place Hunter Blacksmith Oglala, SD
                      2nd Place Jacob Fox Mclaughlin, SD
                      1st Place Hiram Gleason Newcomb, NM

                      JUNIOR BOYS GRASS

                      5th Place Jess Knight Thunder Valley, SD
                      4th Place Fredrick Diaz-Gipp Lawrence, KS
                      3rd Place Aaron Woody Bloomfield, NM
                      2nd Place Mison Mills Thunder Valley, SD
                      1st Place Johnnie Johnson Kirtland, NM

                      JUNIOR GIRLS TRADITIONAL

                      5th Place Avena Plenty Garryowen, MT
                      4th Place Kelsey Tortalita Bismarck, ND
                      3rd Place Alannah Blackgoat Albuquerque, NM
                      2nd Place Sage Blacksmith Oglala, SD
                      1st Place Natalie Locust Lakewood, CO

                      JUNIOR GIRLS FANCY

                      5th Place Olowanwin Bad Hand Rosebud, SD
                      4th Place Quinne Goodwin Mahnomen, MN
                      3rd Place Alyssa Phillips Phoenix, AZ
                      2nd Place Kaigan Olson Winnipeg, MB, Canada
                      1st Place Mikala Sunrhodes Ethete, WY

                      JUNIOR GIRLS JINGLE
                      5th Place Nikki Jo Mays Ronan, MT
                      4th Place Sheyenne Fox White Shield, ND
                      3rd Place Nicolle Lee Arapaho, WY
                      2nd Place Shenay Tsosie Kirtland, NM
                      1st Place Sarraye Forest Davis Eagle


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