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  • Fully beaded yokes

    Where did you get your pattern for your yoke?

    How did you do the measurements? And how long did it take you to bead your yoke?

    I want to start a new fully beaded yoke. Just curious about where you got your pattern, and how long it took. I paid someone to make my last dress.



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    Well, I'm only half done with my yoke. I've had to put it aside for other projects. I bead relatively fast so it shouldn't take me too long to finish once I get back to it. In doing the one half, I've already put in about 150 hours of work. I am doing appliqued designs with a lazy stitch background. I am also using size 12 beads with 8 beads per stitch.

    As for a pattern, you'll have to make your own. Its not hard. You will first have to decide on what look you want. If you are not being strictly traditional, you have a few options on how the sleeves and waistline can be shaped. I ended up choosing a somewhat traditional shape with the Lakota style scooped sleeves. Look around at powwows and see the variations to get an idea of what you might like.

    I really only made two measurements. The first was the length across the shoulders and down my arms. You want it long enough to cover your elbows. Some dress sleeves even go to the wrists. The width is up to you and can fall anywhere between your bustline to your waist. I used canvas as my base material. I simply folded it twice and then cut out my pattern and neckhole. Then I bound the edges and started beading.

    Its a big project but the rewards are great. Keep us posted on your progress!


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      Sounds great Czechy!! Thanks for your answer! If I ever want to make a Northern top, I will follow your advice! Man, the hours you have to put in on beading it are insane!!! I wish all of you talented people best wishes and Godspeed on your Northern tops!!!


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        I also made it like Czechy described.
        But I used buckskin as base material. It is easier to work with, since you don't have to make a seam! But it gets a lot heavier.
        It took me very long to finish the yoke, although I used lane stitch. It just depends on how fast you work and how many time you can put into it.
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