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How do you clean your buckskin??

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  • How do you clean your buckskin??

    I'm working on a buckskin dress that is 30 years old and I'm combing it with sandpaper to clean it.

    I'm wondering how y'all care for your buckskin dresses/leggins/mocs, whatever.

    What do you do for dirt, how do you store it..anything you'd like to share.
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    I use a white clay ball on my leggings. We used to use white corn meal and just work it into the buckskin.(this was a lot of work). If the skin is to ever get hard or brittal you might try to use mink oil on the inside. Don't overdo the oil. I make sure the skins are dry before I put them away. When I do put them away I roll up my leggings and the girls hang up their dresses. Our mocs are just put into the suitcase. The girls roll their mocs up.


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