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  • New Dresses?

    Who all has seen new dresses out this summer?
    I saw Mrs. Jodi A. Gillette come out with a new cheyenne pink beaded top at Shakopee and it was totally awesome!!! It was Beeeaaauuutifullllll!!!!!!
    who else has a new dress lately? Keri Jhane's dress looks nice and is new.
    I hear Tooky is coming out new by spring. I know with cloth you can change beadwork and dresses like anyday of the week, but with buckskin, it is alot tougher.
    How long would you say a dress works before you get a new one? 3 years, 5 years????
    I have two, but never wear them, but by the time I want to..they are totally outdated and have to be reconstructed. ha ha
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    I bead all of my dresses and accessories, also do all the sewing etc. To bead the top it usually takes a year for a fully beaded top. Then another year for me to finish the rest, but that is because I work all week and can only work on my beadwork in the evenings and on weekends. I also get no help from anyone so it's all on me. My next dress I'm thinking of asking a friend to bead the top for me, she does beautiful work and if I supply her the beads then the cost will come down. The reason is because I now have a little girl that I bead for as well as my son etc. etc.
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      wow!! kakeeya!! You're da bomb diggity!! :worthy:...your lil girl has a good role model!! :man:


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        I heard Celeste McGurke has a new dress, man! Everybidy is getting theres, and mine is still in the making,. It's been 2.5 years, and all they had to do was put the dres together and do the lines of beads, cause i did all the accessories, and even beaded the 2 loomed peices that go on the arm part, and they charge me alto just for that, and i haven't even seen it, They get me mad! i was about to go to the police, but the wife said the husband was supposed to finish it off, but the husband is a d**k, so i doubt he is even doing it.


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          I believe I seen Amber Buffalo with a new beaded top at Schemitzun. Really gorgeous...

          someday, I'll have mine finished too.............
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            Jodi's new dress is beautiful!! Awesome colors and her new earrings and hairties are old school.
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              Yeah I really like Jodi Gillette's new beaded top! It is so pretty!!


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