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    I am of Cherokee family. When I was making my Beautiful Buckskin dress.I made the fringe long on the arms,I only have a small amount of Bead work on her. Just to out line the edge of my sleeves and the edge o the neck. I did not start out to do this it just came out that way.It came from my heart. I was told one time that it was like a working dress. I love to dance in her and a have people tell me how pretty it is . She is a very plane dress but there is something that catches peoples eye.

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    sounds very interesting!
    Could you post a pic?
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      We don't display ours.....they hang in the closet like our regular clothes. We do have some old beadwork displayed but it is under glass and out of the direct light.

      Sorry I couldn't be more help. I do have a friend that hangs her buckskin on a quilt rack on the wall though.....
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      Halito! I am 44 years old and was not raised in the powwow world. In fact, my father who looks like a full blood denied his heritage because of how he was raised. His mother, my grandmother, was taken as a baby from her Choctaw father after her white mother died and was raised by her maternal grandparents....
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      Who on here dances buckskin and what style is your dress? Who did it? Who did your beadwork. If your proud of your's the time to sound off! ;)
      04-26-2005, 01:54 AM
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      Just finished making a Cherokee Tear dress for my granddaughter by using the descriptions from the articles you all quoted and the pictures posted in this site's gallery. I want to thank you for being there and since I enjoy figuring out designs for patterns, if anyone would like to discuss this or...
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      Has anyone seen a traditional two deerskin strap dress worn at any pow wows? This style of dress was common among the Cree, Ojibwe and Metis people of the Great Lakes in the past but sadly, I have never seen a contemporary version of one worn in the circle. I have heard of people wearing a cloth strap...
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