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I want to Dance Northern Traditional, but need some info!!

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    Go with deerhide! Atleast go with that expense, and maybe have a cloth top and bottom? Nothing wrong with that! :)


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      Make your dress with the best materials you can afford. If you have no dress you probably won't dance so go for it. If you use a cheaper material for the fringes make it so they can be replaced with buckskin when you can afford it. The important thing is that you dance!
      just my opinion.


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        Cutting corners

        Im trying to cut corners, and use different materials to do my applique...
        So what do people think of heatnbond. I also debated using material paint? I can get the colors and the glue in one.
        I think as long as it looks good? Its gotta be okay? LOL

        Ps. Im still trying to hunt down a deer for that hyde.
        One Women. One Mind. One Vision.


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          I think doing a fabric top is fine as long as the work is done very cleanly. I use iron-on interfacing before cutting any appliques, then I make sure and satin stitch everything down with care.


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            The Vynel Queen!!!

            Im just so Thankful that im short LOL
            Im 5'2 and debating on the length of the fringe.
            Well, I have a general Idea. Unfortunately ladies, I have to go with the vynel. I know it looks crappy ,but,it has to be done.
            One Women. One Mind. One Vision.


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              you know, sometimes its bettr to get something finished and then build and replace--i sew outfits alot and i know the hardest things for my friends is to get a complete outfit--so we do what we can and then replace with better stuff as they dance more.

              my one suggestion(preference really) is to applique stuff instead of fabric paint. i've seen alot of stuff done in fabric paint and its beautiful from far away but when you get close its cracked and smeared and looks funky. so applique!!

              do what you can do to get yourself nice stuff and get out there!

              sometimes people forget to be thankful they have dance clothes and instead are always wishing to be flashier!


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                Make sure that when you use your vinyl that you put it on velcro. that way when you get your skins you can just take the vinyl off and latch on the real stuff. then you can always use the skin fringe on any other top. it saves money and if you are in the sun alot, your material might fade. I like to have at least two outfits when competing.


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                  There is no wrong in what you can only afford.
                  If this time you can only use vinyl, go ahead.
                  I made a lil girls trad outfit and used vinyl for the fringe.
                  It was her first time dancing traditional and she may or may not have stuck with it.
                  She didn't. Now she is all grown up and also grown out of her outfit.

                  I think, as long as you feel good out in the arena...go for it girl!
                  If ya don't feel good out there, it'll show. Just represent!!!


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                    Alternative Materials

                    I am still using an upholstery fabic that I found at Wal-mart of all places, for fringe. It looks good, and it will do until this summer when I get elk hide fringe.
                    I think we all forget that we each come from different tribes which have different styles and different techniques. When we dance, we should be a reflection of our tribes, and so we should all look to home for inspiration when making our outfits. Maybe we are getting overly concerned about how we look at the bigger powwows, than taking pride in standing out and being a bit more traditional.
                    I caused an injury to a vertabrae, actually causing a callous between the v5 and v6, by wearing an incredibly heavy, overly ornate, breastplate. I almost put myself out of commission! I was trying to compete at the big powwows, and totally did not stay in the traditions of my tribe. I integrated aspects of many different tribes, and even added things that have only come about to make things more glitzy and glam. Now, looking back, I think I looked ridiculous, with way to many feathers on my head, and colors that are sooo unnatural. Now I wear the plume that I received at my hunka ceremony, and the plume that I got when I graduated college.
                    My dress is now more traditional, with colors that represent my tribe, and my beadwork is done in an old style, with old style colors. My breastplate is ornamental, not over done. I have used the materials that my grandmothers, and my great grandmothers, and their grandmothers, have used.
                    I think I look excellent, and I believe it or not, I think that now, I am the most original, the one who stands out.
                    As women traditional dancers, we are the ones who dance the old style, and so we should take great pride in what we wear. The next generation is watching us; are we going to show them ways to mask their heritage, disregard traditions, forget their history, or are we going to continue to pass on, and therfore, reinforce, their cultures and identities.

                    OKAY, off my soap box, sorry ladies!
                    Any tightly woven upholstery fabic in natural colors could stand in as fringe. The big plus is that when they are cut, they kind of turn, which looks really nice. They are the right weight, and they sway just like fringe. The big negative, when there is more than a light breeze, the fringe flies around a little more than elk or deer hide.
                    Cow hide is also an inexpensive alternative. Much cheaper, same result.


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                      [I think, as long as you feel good out in the arena...go for it girl!
                      If ya don't feel good out there, it'll show. Just represent!!![/QUOTE]
                      TOTALLY!!!! All us Indian women need to show love to one another and appreciate that we arent alone out there!!


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                        is this thread still open for discussion i have a ?


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                          Originally posted by AnonymousSTL View Post
                          is this thread still open for discussion i have a ?
                          Shoot for it, even old threads like this can be reopened for discussion.

                          You are also welcome to create a new thread in the same section that this one is in. If you need help we will help you.
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                            about cloths ,they specialize in men's and women's beaded and appliqué ribbonwork dance outfits and accessories. their artisans, along with other prominent Native Beadwork artists, construct each piece by hand to your individual custom specifications when the order is placed. Prices vary depending on the item ordered, the size and type of bead used (cut glass vs. non-cut), and the complexity of the design.
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                              First time dancer

                              My family comes from Welch OK. I am a member of the Cherokee Nation and want to reconnect with my heritage. I’ve been working on my buckskin outfit but it will take time to complete it. I’m wondering, can I Dance even though it’s not finished? Also, how do you register for powwows? Yes... I’m a complete novice. My cousin has been showing me the steps and I’ve purchased videos. I feel very humbled in all of your presence so please, ANY advice you can give me will be appreciated. I’m 62 years young and finally retired. Now it time for fun.


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                                welcome to powwows.calm ! Lot's to learn ! It's better if you have a complete outfit. Just my opinion. Go to some local dances and check them out. have fun , meet dancers , hang out. It will all happen when it's supposed to happen !
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