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I want to Dance Northern Traditional, but need some info!!

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  • cherokeemom06
    Buckskin designs
    by cherokeemom06
    I have a couple of cloth dresses and have finally decided to put the time, effort and money into my first buckskin dress. I tried to buy one (don't yell at me, I have two small kids and finding time to cut all that fringe was a bit daunting! ) but everytime I almost made a deal with someone,...
    12-14-2007, 01:37 PM
  • VIP4life
    When buckskin isn't realbuckskin!
    by VIP4life
    I've noticed lately that some northern buckskin dresses aren't all buckskin. Most of there skirts are made of canvas or ultra suede. Now you put all that work in to it why not make the whole thing with real hides. It must make it light without the hides but still. What do you guys think?New...
    05-09-2003, 04:41 PM
  • Wawasteka
    new to jingle...
    by Wawasteka
    Hello! = ],

    I've been out of the powwow circle for quite sometime and I am wanting to start dancing again taking it step by step of course when I stopped dancing I was a Southern Cloth dancer. I want to start doing jingle dress but I am totally clueless about how to make one.
    09-07-2008, 03:11 AM
  • short apache girl
    t-cloth dress?
    by short apache girl
    Hello i have not been the powwow circle in awhile due to personal issues. All of my regalias and etc. were taken from me from my x husband. So it has been almost 8 to 9 yrs i haven't danced. I am adopted comanche and i am about 25% apache. not like it matter of the percentage. just info. lol. My adopted...
    11-14-2010, 02:49 AM
  • *Powwow_Princess*
    New to the Cloth Style & Lots of Q's
    by *Powwow_Princess*
    Hi, I haven't really danced in over a year due to a car accident but I am healed now and plan on getting back on the powwow trail. I have been given a beautiful set of red beadwork and I was thinking about getting into the cloth style except I have very little background in it and was wondering if there...
    06-04-2008, 05:53 PM



  • Kakeeya
    Women's Traditional Southern Round dance
    by Kakeeya
    I've been to a few powwows lately and have noticed that when the Women Southern traditional do their round dances, they have two very different styles of dancing. I have always seen the ladies dancing the slow graceful "walk" style and they bow their heads down. Lately I have been seeing...
    08-28-2003, 08:29 PM

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