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    Hey there!

    What kinds of fabric do you use for your shawl?
    And what about the fringes??
    Could you help me on this one??
    Please, any input would be appreciated!
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    I usually use gabardine (I think that's what it's called), or material that is close to that. What I look for in a fabric is something that won't wrinkle to easily. The applique work usually adheres well to this type of fabric. As for fringing, I've the braided fringe, or flat fringe. I've also used ribbons.
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      :) I have seen many different shawls, From cotton to wool, gaberdine, and satin. They used fringe short or long, ribbins, and just plain, one lady just carried what looked like a lace table cloth for her shawl. I started out with a lace shawl my husband bought me, and now have a cotton woven one, but contantly looking at others too. I have one in mind, with a Hummingbird on it, I just haven't made up my mind, ribbons, or fringe, do I handpaint it, or creul embrodier it, or really cheat, and do as I saw one done with an eagle iron on, then painted, that turned out really pretty, but at the same time, almost tacky too! I have a personal problem with seeing the sateen ones, and the metallic ones, but that is up to the individual.
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        I have used not only lightweight cotton fabrics but also lightweight woolens....The cotton fabrics I have fringed with 14" braided fringe and the woollens with ribbons. I have appliqued sheilds on the cottons and also done satin stitched embroidery on some of the shawls.
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          I use gabridine or a double knit. We also use the banded broadcloth. I usually use chainette fring (14-18") or thin ribbon. I applique, apply ribbonwork or bead a design. Have never used an iron on patch or painted one.


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            I like the flashier the better. Satin ribbonwork really catches my eye. Even as a buckskin dancer I like to feel that my outfit sparkles in the light. A bright eye-catching shawl sure helps catch the judges' eye when your coming around the horn. I also believe a woman needs more than one shawl. Sure, make your dream shawl, but why have a shabby one until you get it? As I once heard in a movie, "Just because you're poor, doesn't mean you have to dress poor."
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