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  • Cleaning Tips?

    Can anyone offer any tips on cleaning my buckskin? (it is beaded). I have that ball, but my fringe on the bottom has gotten filthy over the years, and it just isn't working.


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    Have you tried cornmeal? I've heard different people say that they put cornmeal in a bag, maybe a large zip lock? and then put several strands of fringe in the bag at a time, then kind of rub and work the cornmeal around and between the fringe that way. Then just brush the cornmeal off the fringe when your done, and do the same with more fringe until you are done!

    Another guy, actually said he put his intire buckskin outfit (full shirt and pants, complete with beaded fringe) in the washing machine on gentile cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then on air dry in the dryer, he'd done it for years........ I don't know about this, but his wife was nodding her head, and rolling her eyes, and said it really worked, but she sure paniced the first time.

    still someone else mentioned using the drycleaning bag in the dryer .......

    some thoughts for you at least!
    Good Luck in whatever you do!
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