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Your Favorite Northern Buckskin Dancer

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  • Your Favorite Northern Buckskin Dancer

    who is your Favorite Northern Buckskin Dancer????

    Mine is:

    1. Diane Sandy from Bonaparte Indian Band, Cache Creek Canada
    2. Adele Fletcher-- she is Diane's daughter
    3. Lucy Barney from Lytton, BC Living in the Lower Mainland of BC spreading the awareness of HIV/AIDS----terrible disease that has affected our FirstNations people and is harming our Young F.N Woman today in general society.

    4. Julianne Dick from Alkali Lake, BC

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    Favorite tradish dancer

    Okay, Bev Larvie is my all time favorite and Tasha Goodwill.

    JOdi G. is okay but she kisses the brown too much.


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      my favoritez...

      I would have to say...Tisa Pinkham, Liberty Cree, and Summer Baldwin.
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        *Tamera Shouting*
        *Tara(?) Sandy*
        Kishay Baker
        Sekwun Ahenakew
        Kimowun Ahenakew
        RoseAnne Abrahamson
        Mariah NotAfraid
        Julie BlueThunder
        ~Maggie BlackKettle~
        ~Aurelia Stacona~
        *Hollie EagleSpeaker
        Alva Fiddler
        Delmuria OneFeather

        HaHa...sorry got kinda carried away, but i couldn't pick juss ONE out of all of these ladies (and teens)
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          Mine is

          Summer Baldwin
          and Terra Her Many Horses


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            A few of my favorites....

            Jodi Gillette
            Kishay Baker
            Linda Standing
            Charmaine McKay
            Tisa Pinkham
            Orie Littlesky



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              Kishay Baker
              Maryann High Eagle
              Linda Standing
              Jodi G.
              Roseann Abrahamson
              Salina No Ear Todome


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                I love the way these two ladies from Wikey dance....

                Cynthia Trudeau
                Dawn Medahbe... (I think that's her name. She has a really pretty turquoise top with floral designs on it.)
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                  I like watching Violet and Marie Olney. Those two girls are just really graceful and light on their toes.

                  Actually, saw Marie Olney dance a special at Kamloopa and she was sooooooo light on her feet and extremely smooth and graceful. She could rip it up if she ever decided to switch to jingle.


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                    Much respect to:

                    Kishay Baker
                    Jodi Gillette
                    Tasha Goodwill
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                      Fav Ladies buckskin dancer

                      Tosha GoodWill


                      Orie Little Sky

                      Hands down :D
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                        Jodi Gillette-Dang my daughter in law can jam!! -LOL-
                        Orie Little Sky


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                          Kishey Baker
                          and any of the grandmothers who still maintain their grace.


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                            Dang looks like Mystique has issues!!

                            Anyways, my favorite dancers are:

                            Jodi Gillette - she's been dancing for years
                            Ori Little Sky
                            Bev Larvie
                            Salina Todome

                            There are alot more but can't think right now.
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                              Fav. Northern Tradish Dancer

                              Delmaria One Feather
                              Tara Sandy
                              Alva Fiddler
                              Margret Two Bears

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