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    Howdy !:mrcool:
    WEll YeS! I have finnally collected all my beads for a beaded top after 11 years dancing cloth im finnaly ready to make myself a beaded top. YAY me :39: My question is AGH! I was wounder what to line it with. I do not want it to stiff, but then again I dont want it too floppy. any help or ideas would be Greatly appriciated.:D

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    I think the most popular answer would be canvas, or duck cloth.

    That's what I would suggest.

    I am going to start a fully beaded top this fall, and my foundation is going to be canvas (duck cloth).


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      On mine, the top was leather, so i just lazy stiched most of it. I personaly (cant have never found a material thats works as good at leather.. (not to say it's not out there)..for beading on. hmmmmm. now you got me


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        hay thanks for the posts.........I really appriciate it I throught about the canvas and maybe puting some of that fuisible interfacing over it to thickn it up but thought maybe after awhile it would loose its Umph! haha ........ then theres the leather and you know how it gets floppy and somtimes it gets floopy and makes your bead work look messy I dunno *L* ...........would I put anything under the leather? i just dont wanna jack it up :P


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          Hi! With the cnavas fabric I'd be affraid of the matierial wrip the material, and I'd also be affraid and weary of useing it because of the creasing it might do... lol Sit on a frenge and the freng looks like you're dancing fancy in a still picture... You know?

          I'd go with leather... Regular leather, buck, or elk skin would wolk. My daughter's is elk. With the beading, if it is properly done it shouldn't get ratty looking... And if you store the dress properly when it's not in use then you shouldn't have a problem with it getting ratty looking anyhow... It's thick, and heavy... I think it's a lot better than canvas dresses...

          My daughter's has a thin cotton sheet type material lineing the top half of the dress. That also helps keep the bead work in place... It keeps the dress from getting as sweaty in the summer months, and actually keeps her a bit warmer if we ever get into regalia in the winter.

          Good luck on your dress!

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            I have an idea, try Lap mat material, the baby matress lining stuf (for more info on that check out the jingling forum under Lap Mat material) I would try that with canvas I figure it would offer the perfect weight as well as if the canvas rips the lapmat wont, so most likely the whole thing wont rip and it should stay intact pretty good. Good Luck! :Angel2


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