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    I would like some tips on finishing my feathers. I have a single tail feather and two plumes. I plan to wear the plumes on a quilled wheel and the tail feather in the back. I don't want to attachet to any of my headgear because I have crowns that I sometimes wear. Could anybody help me out? Thanks in advance :)

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    All of my barettes have a small slit in the backing near the top so that I can slide the shaft of the feather into the layers of the barette behind the clasp. You might need to make two slits (one top, one bottom)if you have a small or narrow barette. I would think you can do the same thing with a crown. If the shaft of your feather is not long enough, add an extension to the bottom of it.


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      Sounds like you are planning on permanently attaching the plumes to a quilled wheel. If that is the case then you might like to rig them the way I put them together. I take about 1 1/2" strip of 1/8" ribbon and hot glue that to the shaft of the plume, then I wrap the quill with colored thread to match the wheel I have chosen. Do this to each of the plumes (but make sure the quill shaft on all are the same size, it make the finished piece look better) then even the wrapping and place all the ribbons on top of each other so you can trim them to about 5/8" from the end of the wrapping. Now take a place a spot of glue between the ribbon ends then place a small wrap of leather (with the back coated in glue) over the end and allow this to dry. Now place this over the center of the wheel and stitch it to the wheel on the top and on the bottom the hair clip or tie or whatever you are going to use to attach it to your hair with.

      As for the tail, well I know some ladies that cut slits in the quill shaft so they can slip a couple of plain barrette clip in those attaching the feather to their hair and keep it pointing straight up. Then they wear whatever else they want over that to hide the plain barrette.

      Hope that helps.

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        I also reinforce the plume quill shafts with a toothpick because they can be so delicate. Just take some superglue and coat the end of the toothpick and then push into the end of the quill. Trim the end as needed.



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          Thanks Everyone for your help. I am going to work on them this weekned. Pow Wow hard.


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