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In need for some nothern buckskin advice!!!!!!

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  • In need for some nothern buckskin advice!!!!!!

    I was gifted a northern buckskin.It wasn't beaded just plain.Im having trouble Trying to figure out my design.I have my colors already.Does the cowl have to be fully beaded or just half? Also I Dont know how many kilos of beads to get.I need enough to bead my leggings mocs And hair Clips and ties.How many kilos do you think I should get? I also need help on my breastplate.How wide should i make it?also for my leggings what should i bead on to make them stiff so they wont Fall down?Please Give me some advice!! I really need it.Thank you and A-ho.
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    You can do it shoshoni style.. they have gorgeous buckskins! alot of them are fully beaded tops. As far as beads goes... im working on a northern buckskin w/leggins and moccs myself.. fully beaded all the way. I've already went through 4 bags of the main color, and had to order 8 more. Make sure when u do get your beads, GET ENOUGH.. cuz dye lots change alot, then u can't get your color! How many beads you'll need depends on what size of beads your going to use, and well.. your size..and how the dress is made. Alot of northern buckskins have longgggg sleeves, is yours like this? if so, then yer gonna need alot more beads. Breastplate.. if u go shoshoni then you should have the long breastplate that goes down to yer ankles (almost) As for width, once again, it depends on yer size. I usually make mine 25 rows wide, if yer using bone instead of plastic pipes, then you will need to add more rows. You may want to check with your family to see if you have any family designs or colors that you can incorporate into yer dress. Hope this helps, If u have any more questions, don't hesitate to pm me.
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      Estimating Bead Amounts

      Rough guess to amount of beads you'll need. Measure the length and width of your bead work in inches, multiply the tow figures to give you the square inch area of your beadwork. Quesstimate the amount of beads you'll need from the following chart. Select the bead size and the number of beads for each square inch.

      size 10 = 130 bead per square inch
      size 11 = 187 beads per square inch
      size 12 = 228 beads per square inch
      size 13 = 273 beads per square inch

      Now multiply this number the square inch area of the beadwork. This gives you the total number of beads needed.

      Next you'll need to know about howmany beads there are in a hank.
      size 10 = 3100 beads per hank
      size 11 = 4000 beads per hank
      size 12 = 4500 beads per hank
      size 13 = 5000 beads per hank

      Next select the answer for the size bead you have selected, divide that number into the total number of beads you need for your project. Round off to the full hank.
      if you are using size 11 beads and you bead work measures
      6 x 10 inches

      6x10=60 square inches (beadwork size)
      60x187=11,220 beads (beads needed)
      11,200 divided by 4000 = 3 hanks

      Based on your planned design, youn now must estimate the proportion of colours you are planning. You will need a minimum of one hank per colour used, but in the example above if half the beads need to be white, you will need 2 hanks of white.

      I hope this is not confusing, I got the info from a bead company. Good luck.


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