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  • what type of fan

    I was told by a very traditional Northern man that women should be using a flat fan to dance with and not a wing fan. He said using a wing fan would bring ridicule. I have seen both used around here and am confused. He brought it up to be helpful so I have no ill feelings toward him. I'm just curious if anyone out there has heard the same.

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    I heard someone say that before, but I think it has to do more with what each tribe's traditions are. I've seen MANY women at powwows carry wing fans, so I guess I'd just make sure that you are representing your own tribe in the correct way. As long as you know your people's traditions and can explain to others why you dress the way you do, nobody should have a problem with it.


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      i am from the east, but have traveled alot. i notice the wing more at home, but i also see a mixture everywhwere. personaly i like the flat fan, but that may be the grass dancer in me!! :)


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        Does the type of fan matter for the other dances? (Jingle, Southern cloth, etc.)


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          I think it has more to do with what's traditional for your tribe. Although flat fans are the popular item to carry for jingle I have seen a couple of women carry wing fans. As for Southern Cloth, I have never seen a woman use a wing fan.


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            But then again, I am thinking Oklahoma-style southern cloth, plains tribes. I have seen Cherokee (tear dresses) and other southeastern southern-style women carry wings. So again, check with your elders.


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              theres so many diffrent tribes with so many diffrent ways of doing things,just do what your own tribal elders say to do,its gonna happen like that for ever one person will tell you one thing and another will tell you to do somthing else.if your not from a tribe that has these powwow ways listen to whoever introduced you to them and the same goes if your non indian pick one way to be and stick with it
              all the ladies say hey


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                Thanks for the guidance. I'm a little more confident now.


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