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Sister starting Northern Tradish

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  • Sister starting Northern Tradish

    My sister is collecting the materials needed for her regalia. She has a basic idea on how to make the dress.

    What kind of accessories does she need to complete her outfit? i.e. belt, leggings moc's. Is there anything else?

    She will appreciate any help. Also, is there any protocol she has to follow to start dancing?

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    She'd need beaded leggings and mocs, a belt (maybe with a belt bag), a breastplate is optional, a shawl, purse, and a fan.


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      Does your sister have a particular tribal style in mind?


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        Most likely northern style. She is still planning the designs she wants to bead on her yoke.


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          Well, I was only asking because there are some tribal distinctions within the Northern style (i.e. Iroquois, Crow, Hochunk Winnebago). The Plains-style fully beaded buckskin dress is not the traditional dress for many nations yet it is being adopted by many individuals and is becoming homogenized or pan-Indianized. If your sister is thinking of a generic Northern Plains buckskin dress, that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to clarify so that she will get the correct information.


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            Just to further clarify - there are also further distinctions between most plains tribes, such as style of dance. Some tribes are stationary (then theres the distinction betweend that style) and those tribes who walk around (again, you have those dist., also).
            The best way for her to learn all these things, is as usual, go back to the elders or your family members as everyone has reasons for their styles.


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              I think she's planning a buckskin dress with our tribal designs on it. I haven't seen the rough drawings yet. I did talk to her and she is drawing out plans.
              As. for style of dance, I don't know what she is doing.


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                I think your sister has made a wise choice in choosing traditional. Her regalia, outfit and beadwork should be made and detailed to her satisfaction, her ways, and her tribal backround.
                Mitakuye Oyasin


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                  Right now I'm trying to get supplies together for my kids' regalia; jingle, shawl, and grass... but I do want to eventually start dancing. Gee, I barely remember dancing as a kid. It's been so long.
                  Anyway, I wanted to traditional dance and I'm more or less in the same situation. We don't have too many dancers in my immediate family so I haven't much idea about what's all involved. Umm... that sounds terrible I know.
                  Are buckskin dresses hot to wear? Not really? I've seen cloth dresses with the shells sewn on the yoke area. Is this common in the Lakota dance? or not really? I don't see much of them around but I've seen them. Wondering cause maybe it would be easier for me. I'm always thinking cost wise of course. I'm cheap what can I say. When you don't have the money you don't have the money.
                  Anyway... when I get the gas money and time I do want to go down and visit my grandmother to ask her about that stuff. It just seems money and time is always the factor keeping me from doing it. My kids can drive me crazy when I try to go visiting. lol Terrible to say I know.
                  Good luck with your sister's traditional outfit. I know where you stand I think. I'm working out our designs too.


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                    I am starting Northern Traditional soon...I am very nervous about it! We will see what happens.

                    April W.


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