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    alrighty ladies, i have a question for ya'll. i'm a guy but i would like to build a beaded dress for a friend of mine. what all do i need for the outfit and what would you do the bead work on for the top of the dress??

    thank you,

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    I suggest using the baby crib liner, top it with some canvas.... it should never ever fall apart, or be too thin or too thick....... In my opinion anyways.

    will hold pretty good, and be about a proper weight..

    Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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      I think I would use a canvas material, too. The canvas I like to use is called Duck Cloth. You can buy it at the fabric store for about $6-$7 a yard. And I think to make a yoke you'd only need 2 yards at the extreme most.

      I couldn't imagine beading directly to the buckskin. But there are people here on the board who have done so. Selena has some very nice pictures of her regalia, which was done directly to buckskin.

      When you asked what all do you need.......were you talking about other accessories you need to make to go along with the dress???


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        yes mam, i was asking about all the accessories that go with it.


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          Originally posted by tigger
          yes mam, i was asking about all the accessories that go with it.
          What kind of accessories are you talking about? Northern or Southern? That would be good info for all of us to know:)


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            Well - :dontknow: what kind, Tigga??? :spider:
            Everything is gonna be alright!

            Be blessed - got love???

            This b me.....



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              sorry it's been awhile since i came into this part of the site.

              i'm looking for info on northern trad dress. want to build one for a friend of mine as a suprise.


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                Well I wish you luck! It is hard work. N. Tradish beaded accessories: hairties, belt (optional), Beaded Barrette (big one), Leggings & moccs. Other items could include a beaded choker with neck piece, but thats optional. Depends on if you want to go tradish or contemp tradish.
                My dress took 1 1/2 years to complete (straight stitch).


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