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  • cowrie shells

    So, I've got all these acid bathed cowries (they look purple). What's the best way to put them on my yoke? I've seen them sewn and I've seen them on what looks like swivel hooks or pins. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!!


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      DUCK TAPE!!! LOL!!!
      Well, I suppose you have drilled them at the top?? OK, then I always sew them on with a small bead (like 3mm or 4mm) between the hide (or fabric) and the shell. It helps the shell lay down better and it also helps them move a bit when you dance. It also covers the thread or sinew that you use.
      I've also seen little metal sequins used behind the bead and the depends on the look you want and what is traditional for your area. :)


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        Thanks, Cara, yes they are drilled. The bead makes alot of sense!


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