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  • I have a question

    ok this is the first time i have started a thread so bear with me.

    I wasn't raised on my rez so i didn't have the chance to learn how to dance. I have a general idea of how to do the northern traditional dance.

    can anyone give me any pointers? :D

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    i would suggest that you go to a pow wow and watch. pick acouple of dancers you like and watch what they do. also, ask them questions.


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      There are also a ton of powwow videos that you could buy. Most of these are for sale by powwow vendors or bead store. You could also order them out of somewhere like crazy crow.

      But watching these tapes you might be able to pick up a few things.............


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        for any other things you want to know about dancin it may be in the archives. hope that helps:)
        "You know, sometimes it's a good day to die, and sometimes it's a good day to dance."


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