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Who has the coolest nothern top?

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  • Who has the coolest nothern top?

    Salina Todome's old red one:p

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    I would have to say Lisa ManyBears and Kishey Baker, Summer Baldwin southern I like Shane Hughes and Tooky Brady(sp) :D :D


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      I seen this lady who had a fully beaded top that was probably the coolest one I have seen.

      She had a zipper on the front of the yoke. Something like you'd have on a jacket or sweater. She had been sitting down in between competition in other categories, but when she got up to put on her beaded yoke it was like watching someone put on a jacket.


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        Tosha Goodwill
        "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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          Without a contest........ Tosha Goodwill has the best beaded top.


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            Jodi Gillette & Tosha Goodwill


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              Coolest Northern Top

              Without a doubt, it has to be Cynthia Trudeau, from Wikwemikong. Beautiful, bright and very detailed.:Cooler
              Wiky Chick


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                  Joyce Hayes
                  Don't ever stop dancing


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                    couple bling blingin' ladies

                    tasha goodwill
                    denise logan
                    Who the hell started this "Chimookamaan Phenomenon"?


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                      summer baldwin and roseann abrahamson


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                        LIBERTY CREE and TISA PINKHAM!!! :D
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                          Oh my gosh... I have seen so many purdee ones. My jaw is juss right to ground when I watch these ladies dance.

                          I love Dawn Mahdabe`s top!

                          Cynthia`s is beautiful also. I love all the detail she put into her beadwork. Her work has me in awe!!

                          ~* Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you're up to *~


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                            Krysten Watchmaker and Tosha goodwill and Ori Little sky
                            :NoNo Cant win all the time

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                              I think the coolest tops belong to:

                              Jodi Gillette
                              Ori Littlesky
                              Kelly Downwind
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