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Stationary Dancing - Swaying or Whipping fringe?

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  • Stationary Dancing - Swaying or Whipping fringe?

    I'm just curious. What style of Northern Stationary dancing do you like better, the Stationary swaying of the fringes or Stationary bouncing in one place and snapping the fringe? I have favorite dancers in both styles, but just wondering what everyone elses preference is?? :) :) And why???
    Myself, I like the old style of bouncing and snapping the fringes. :clap: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
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    From what I have seen, I like them both as well:) But my favorite would have to be the swaying of fringe:)


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      I like it when they snap it! looks good!
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        That's what I think too! It takes a lot of work, practice and leg strength to look smooth while you're doing it! The old style is my preference but I have many good friends that dance with me out on the floor and they dance the swaying style. I always wonder what the judges are going to choose but so far they have been nice to me and anyway I have never tried or even practiced dancing the swaying style so I don't think I would be very good at it!! :) :) The snapping is more natural to me.


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          i personally like the old style of the snapping of fringes. it just looks better. i also, to me, takes alot more to keep them snapping and alot more downward and upward movement to keep it that way. it looks like you are doing more. when it comes to swaying all you have to do is move your arms.
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            I do not dance stationary. If I stand in one place too long I may not be able to move after that. I have to keep these old bones moving. Besides I like making my fringe "dance" as well. Blessings to you all :)


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              DEFINITELY the snapping old style. Honestly to me the swaying looks sloppy up on the arena next to the "snappers" and if you're not really good at it, and it's not your "style" It tends to look lazy and messy real fast.
              Not to dis the swayers tho, they're all beautiful!!

              Tradish is the BEST!!!!!!!!


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                I don't dance stationary that much since my n. tradish style is shoshone (walk), but I like to watch. I was told by elders that the snapping of the fringe was much more tradish than swaying. I have tried both and the swaying is so much more easier than the snap though! So I have an idea when I judge.:)


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                  I prefer the snapping of the fringe. It looks so....skilled. They make it look easy but there is a true talent to making it appear that way.


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