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What kind of Dances are there?

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  • What kind of Dances are there?

    What kind of dances are there for Northern Traditional? I had asked this in the fancy shawl forum at one time, and maybe even the Jingle Dress forum as well.

    Just want to know, if there is two that you do: ie Jingle Dress side step and straight, fancy shawl crow hop, and regular.

    Thanks for your help:)

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    There are different dances so I would recommend that you find a GOOD dancer and speak with her. That is how I would do it. ;) :)
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      I know there's the round dance.
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        That's what I was gonna say. It's kinda of a side step, and you honor the down beats with yer fan.


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          Straight songs and round dances are the two types of songs that are usually used. Not everyone honors the down beats with their fans though. I guess that could depend on the area u are from or the person but not everyone does that.
          I have also seen the double beat crow hop song used also for this category usually during special dance contests or as an exhibition when there are Crow dancers present.
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