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  • story of traditional

    im trying to find out whats the story of traditional dancing, you know like how did it get started? can anyone help me?

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    that is a tall order there. Depends on what tribe.....


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      Order of the Arrow
      by bta
      im a new dancer in the order of the arrow n wuld like sum help or advice on northern traditional dancing
      01-07-2010, 06:24 PM
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      Traditional Dancing
      by cherokee7
      Is anyone A traditional dancer from Chicago??
      06-23-2006, 06:33 PM
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      by DevanB
      the other night my scoutmaster made me dance at a pow wow at the 2005 national scout jamboree. I loved it and would like to start dancing but don't know where to start. I don't know how to dance that good and im ready to learn and spend time can someone help me? Im dancing northern traditional.
      08-04-2005, 06:00 PM
    • shawldancer
      Traditional Sidestep?
      by shawldancer
      I actually fancy shawl not jingle but I have always wondered what the tradition side step step is. There are so many ways people do it.
      A friend who is Ojib once told me the tradition step was done be keeping the feet together and doing a bouncing type move with more knee bend.
      There are...
      06-14-2005, 11:13 AM
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      I was wondering if there is anyone that can help me with making a pattern for my leggings. I'm having a hard time getting them to fit right. There is a style that I really like, I can't seem to replicate the style. if there is anyone that can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated....
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