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    me too

    Originally posted by Ruby76
    I would agree I shy away from posting here beacause a lot of pople seem to lash out at one another... I thought this was suposed to be a place to learn and shar for those of us far from home... Was I wrong?
    they need to change the membership somhow,...
    sigpicMITAKUYE OYASIN... "then I was standing on the highest mountain of them all , and round about beneath me was the whole hoop of the world . and while i stood there I saw more than I can tell . and I Under Stood more then I saw . for I Was Seeing in a Sacred manner the Shapes of All . Hehaka Sapa. dec 1863-aug 17 or 19 , 1950.. listen online TO KILI 90.1 FM porcupine butte


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      I started reading this thread after thinking about a dress for my granddaughter. She won't have another special for quite a few years, she's only 2. But I wanted to start saving and planning for her dress when she starts school in three years, we plan to have special for her then.

      But after all this drama, I don't even know if we want to do bucksin. Thank God for the ''peacmakers'' that posted unifying responses. As an ndn that grew up off-res (for 3 generations) I had hoped to learn more from this thread, as most of my family elders have already left. I really want to recapture so much that my family has lost for the sake of 'good jobs etc.' in the city.

      So I think I will just pray about, contact my nation in OK and let the Creator direct me to the right skin and how to work it.

      Love ya, (mixed white or black, whole, jus be breathing)



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        I know Aunt Pauli Whitebird had some very nice buckskins over her time. She had helped my Mom make hers,as well as our daughters. We would sit with Aunt Pauli and and Uncle Bob often. She would give us much in heritage but usually we did things because that is the way it is done. Why, we just didn't question it and accepted the ways. We were raised not to question our elders but to do. This was easy because most everyone around that part of the world had very simular clothes.
        The dress would be more comfortable with the slick side out. I know my leggins are more comfortable with the slick sideout.

        Sometimes we do things JUST BECAUSE.


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