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  • help me too, PLEASE

    Hello ladies. (Sorry! should say men too!) First allow me to say in advance that I thank you and appreciate any / all of your help. I'm new this whole thing, so I'm kinda going on "thinking" what I'm wearing is correct, but in all honestly, I haven't a clue. I have *no one* left to teach me, which is part of my problem! Anyway, my people are from Kentucky and were Cherokee. I wear a buckskin dress, carry a shawl, a fan, and i have high-top moccasins. Is this even right, and if so, what else should I be wearing? What should I have in my hair? Wa-do. teresa
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    You might want to check out these posts already on here.

    "Tear Dress Accessories" and "The true History of the Cherokee Tear Dress".


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      Since your people were eastern Cherokee, maybe you ought to go down to see the Eastern Band in North Carolina, talk to some people at the museum down there and see if they can connect you with some Eastern Cherokee dancers. If you haven't been, you should go there. Your heritage still lives there.


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        Hi Teresa
        I am also Eastern Band Cherokee but I live in the Pacific Northwest. I dance northern buckskin traditional. I have designed my dress more on the northern style. I am currently working on beading the shoulders of my top in a Cherokee design. I wear a bead/bone breastplate, and carry a fan, purse and shawl. My mocs are the standard and most women here wear leggins. I am working on those two. My fringe is short although long fringe is more common here. I am going to be taking a trip to NC this spring and I hope to get to the museum in Cherokee. If you want to chat more off of here, I would be more than happy to communicate with you.
        Good luck,
        [email protected]


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