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Lakota Women Beaded Leggings?

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  • Lakota Women Beaded Leggings?

    Hello ladies,

    I was asked why old trad leggings had a green beaded or painted band around the ankle part. I always thought it was just purely decorative as I have never been told any different.
    However, just for double checking and for the sake of an interresting cultural discussion, I would like to submit this question to you too.
    Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!

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    Han redberries,
    I have no idea what the answer is, but you are right, a lot of reservation period Lakota women's legging have a green beaded or painted strip just above the ankle. Its usually green even if there is no green used elsewhere on the leggings. Some of the buckskin uppers are painted green too. If there is some meaning to it, I would also love to know about it.

    Here's a pic from the collections at the Canadian Museum of Civilization which shows the green stripe...


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      Ohan Czechy! That's exaclty it! Well let's hope someone can let us know. If someone knows they are bound to be in the forum somewhere!!
      Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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        I have posted this question to another forum frequented by some of the top scholars in Native American Art. Will let you know what shakes out.


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          Thats great! But if no-one knows, I guess it does show that those green bands did not mean anything. I doubt that knowledge of that importance would have been lost with time.
          Still it would be interresting to find out if it was just a habit, a fashion, or a status of some sort....Or none of the above!
          Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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            An update...
            No one on the other forum seems to have the answer. But a lot of Lakota moccasins have green in them so it might be that the stripe serves to tie in that color to create a more coordinated look. A few leggings I have seen have blue stripes or red stripes or none at all so this may just be an aesthetic device rather than something with a heavy-duty meaning to it. That's kinda what I got from the discussion.


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              Thank you!

              Ooh...It makes sense!
              I did ask around and even the oldest people I approached did not know if there was a meaning to it.
              So, I guess it is all to do with fashion and as you explained practicality.
              When you think about it, we still match leggings and mocs.
              Thanks very much for this. You are a gem!
              Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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                I know I'm coming in late with this, but could it have been a clan color, maybe?


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                  Hey BeadinGranny,

                  Not that I am aware of... It is sad to see that this knowledge is kinda lost...We will never know for certain. :o(
                  Inila ye! Imaputakaye!!


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                    Or it could be that your not meant to know LOL! There's a reason and meaning for everything.

                    LOL @ Top scholars in Native American Art


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                      If you are still looking for an answer I have one. This answer is from my mother. We are both members of the Oglala Lakota Tribe and are descendants of the Spleen Band. She got this information from her grandfather who passed away in 1984, we aren't sure of his age but know he was at least one hundred and three. You can e-mail me at [email protected] with the tagline of leggings. (Oh and yes, this information is important and should be known, it has nothing to do with clans, matching colors, or being in fashion, my mother is just not comfortable with the forum.)
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