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  • Eagle to wear them?

    I am not a registered tribal member so I know I can't own actual eagle plumes. My grandmother gave me money to order what I wanted (she suggested feathers or plumes so I took that as a big hint as to what she wanted) as my Christmas gift. I ordered two side plumes from walela49 and I can't wait to receive them. My question is, how in the heck to do you actually attach them and wear them? I currently have two duck feathers that I wear in my hair and they are attached two leather lacing that is attached to two little hair clips. I just clip it in and clip a barrette over it to cover the clips but I have no clue how to put the plumes in. Someone help me! The last thing I want to do is ruin them by screwing them up.

    Another note, I currently don't wear a back plume or feather either. Is there a certain way to attach it to your barrette? I'm so lost.

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    Some folks like to use a small pocket on their barrette to hold their plume. I've also seen tied and then clipped in place with a small barrette, which is covered by a larger beaded barrette. Your choice will depend strongly on how thick and long your hair is. Fine and/or thin hair has trouble supporting those large heavy barrettes. In that case a small, strong secondary clip is a good idea. If you are doing a crown, a pocket in the back piece can hold your plume.

    My people frequently wear their plumes tied to a quilled wheel and then tied or clipped to the hair, so the plume lies almost flat on the head. Some ladies who do this make a small braid to attach the plume/wheel. I was told this way of wearing your plume has a particular meaning and should not be done without permission.


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      Thanks! I never thought about putting a pocket in my back barrette. I don't wear a crown.

      I've heard to attach my side plumes to the center of a rosette or quilled medicine wheel but they told me to use a swivel clip so it is free floating. Any ideas on exactly how to do that? I've always worn mine on the side of my head because I'm so little, wearing one on the back of my head looks a little wierd to me. I may just have to work up to it. Any other ideas would be great!


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        when I make my barretts I put a medium sized one in the middle, thats the one i clip it to my hair with then towards the top I put a smaller clip that holds my hair feathers wether it be my plumes or other feather. Like in my avi. I like doing it that way cause I flirst clip my feather in its barrett then put in my hair, for me its been soo much easier.
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          I used good Ole duct tape, to tape the base of the my plume to the back barrette I wear mine straight up at the back


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            Originally posted by Creewoman05 View Post
            I used good Ole duct tape, to tape the base of the my plume to the back barrette I wear mine straight up at the back
            LOL well I am from KY! You know we use it to fix anything and everything.

            I'll have to try the double barrette idea.


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              My new babies

              Just had to post my pretty new plumes from walela49! She's a gem to work with and anyone who needs plumes should go through her. She did a rush order for me to make sure I got them by Christmas and she's extremely reasonable on price.
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