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Cleaning Buckskin

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  • daisyduke612
    I was taught to scrub the leather first with some sand paper {the smooth kind} then get some magnesium and rub that in, its pure white! thats if your cleaning white leather. I hope this answer helps? :37:

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  • Kwapa mom
    Cleaning a Buckskin


    If you are in Pawhuska, ask D. Lasley she should have some chalk rock. If not go to Kugee's store in Skiatook (SUpernaw's) he should have some. Just rub in on the stain.. Or check Lyon's in Tulsa

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  • walela49
    Crazy Crow sells a buckskin looks like a ball of plaster or chalk that you rub on the stain. It leaves a powder which absorbs anything greasy or wet and then can be brushed away. Regular school chalk or white corn meal will do the same thing!

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  • wickedannabella
    Re: Cleaning Buckskin

    Originally posted by osagegirl
    I got a little bit of make-up on my buckskin, does anyone have any tips on how to clean a buckskin dress?
    What kind of leather is it? Is it Tan or White?

    I've always found a good leather cleaner and conditioner helps get makeup off. Also make sure you condition it around your belt area to prevent dry rot from sweat. I always wore a t-shirt under my dress to help with that, but where your belt is always is a trouble spot.

    Use a soft brush on stubborn stains on the rough side and a chamois cloth on smooth sides.

    Any leather shop should have a good leather cleaner or conditioner and stay away from alcohol based sprays. I recommend always using the cream not the sprays.


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  • MissMoxie
    If your buckskin is rough(like suede) just a soft suede brush should work. If it's smooth a damp cloth followed by a dry one-that is if the area isn't to big. Hope this helps :)

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  • osagegirl
    started a topic Cleaning Buckskin

    Cleaning Buckskin

    I got a little bit of make-up on my buckskin, does anyone have any tips on how to clean a buckskin dress?

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