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  • leggings

    I'm getting ready to start on the leggings for a new outfit, and I've been wondering if there might be a better way to do them. The way I've always done them is I think pretty standard (for northern anyhow) - beaded canvas, ankle to knee, with a tie inside at the top. By the end of the day though, my legs get kind of sore where I've tied my leggings up. Maybe it's just too tight, but they seem to want to turn if I leave it loose. Does anyone know any trick for this? (and I don't mean suspenders - ayyee).
    I hadn't given this any real thought, until just the other day I saw a pair of leggings that looked like they were only about half the normal height, and they were done on something stiff enough they seemed like they didn't need ties. So I was thinking, the skirts are so long nowadays, maybe beading them all the way up doesn't make so much sense. And maybe if you back them with something substantial enough, you wouldn't have to tie them, or at least maybe not so tight.
    So ladies, do any of you have ideas about this? Either the shorter, stiffer leggings that is (maybe too wierd - I just don't know), or some other way of doing them so they're a little more comfortable?

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    Hi, I am so glad you have brought this up. I could use some advice myself. I dance Southern Cloth I have a pair now that are made of the same fabric as my drees they are shorter [ mid calf ] and close with velcro. The only problem I find is they tend to move around my leg when I am dancing, I think it is because they are shorter.


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      I have both styles of leggings and prefer the stiffer ones that don't need ties. They just slip on over the feet. But this is a more modern kind and is not totally "traditional" in historic sense. But anything goes these days. The kind that tie can be fully or partly beaded but the modern stiff style, I would bead to the top of the calf. Any shorter would look a little strange to me, like they belong on a young girl.

      No matter which construction method you use, when you sit down, more of your legs and/or leggings will show so be mindful of that.

      You could simply replace your current tie strings with something wider, like 1", so you are not cutting into your circulation.


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        Hmmm...I never had that problem with my leggins (moving around or twisting). The way I make mine is real easy. I cut otu an arc shape that rests on the top of my foot. I then measure my calf and add about half an inch on each side. Once I'm done beading, you can either put ties, zippers, velcroe, or snappys on there. I use snappys...make it easier to change out of...but they never twist or anything like that. I have a pic of my leggins in my gallery if y'all want to check it out.




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          when we (meaning my family and i) ... we use kind of a "cowboy boot" shape. an arch where the top of the foot goes. i dont know if its the shape we use but they dont spin or shift around either .. and they are stiff enough not to need to be tied at the top either.
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            AAAHHH! Thanks Ladies I see where my problem is. My leggings do not have the arch shape on the front.


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              Thanks a bunch for the suggestions. I'm definitely going to try using a different cut like that at the ankle, and add an extra layer of pellon too. Hopefully that'll solve my problem!


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                Hmmm...adding all these extra layers to your leggins...I never done that...I bead on that baby lap pad material and back it with just a plain 'ol Iron On Patch. Stays stiff and looks good...
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                  what about sewing in a band of elastic inside the legging before you bead it. Something that would hold it in place yet not cutt off your circulation. If you attacted it right I think it would hold everything exactly like you want it.

                  I dunno, maybe I'm thinking too far out of the box????
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                    If you have the Northern style leggings, which are usually beaded all the way around and either half way or all the way up....try this:

                    measure around your calf, the widest part, and cut a strip of very wide elastic to exactly that size. sew it end to end to make a loop, and then attach the loop to the back of the legging, right where the largest part of your calf is. dont attach it to the any other side of the legging, other wise it will pull your legging around all weird. when you put your legging on, you will slip your foot into the elastic loop at the same time, and it will keep your legging on straight. This has worked really well, even for fancy and jingle dress dancers.

                    just a note: if you keep beading all the way to the top, and your beadwork is tight enough, you will not have to worry about adding layers and "stiffening" up your leggings.
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                      Thanks, the elastic sounds pretty keen, I'll definitely give it a try!


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                        I saw a lady this past weekend that had garters attached to her leggings and the other end attached to a pair of shorts that she had on under her dress. I thought well now that is a good idea since I fight with my leggings all day they drive me insane, either my legs are sore from tying them so tight or they slip around . These garters looked kind of like those that you use on sheets to hold them in place. My Dad called them sheet belts and he told me to get them at Wal-mart.

                        I am going to see if I can find a pair and will let you know how they work out....
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