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Who wears the crown?

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  • Who wears the crown?

    Well I was going thru the pictures of Gathering Nations and saw quite a few buckskin dancers with crowns. Is this the new thing or just for certain people. I was getting my daughters buckskin out very old (handed down from great grandmother) and I was wondering if I need to bead a crown or will feathers do? Or What?

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    Its all up to you.....I know i fel lost w'o my crown
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      well u dont have to HAVE one but most everyone wears em now...
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        Well, if you are a southern buckskin dancer and are after the big bux. Then you gotta do whatcha' gotta do. It's a trend thing.

        Women didn't alway wear crowns (or wear eagle feathers of all shapes and sizes in their hair) to begin with, in the powwow arena.
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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          I have one ( crown) Will be wearing it this weekend in Chase BC.... wish yall could be there;)


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            Crowns are mostly for the Southern Women and powwow royalty. I'm a Northern Traditional Dancer and have danced all over from the west coast to east coast and up into Canada, and it is very rare to see a Northern Tradish wear crowns. Mostly it is the barrettes and eagle feathers. Older styles are the head bands with feathers and in the Northwest for Plateau tribes they wear the basket hat. However, I could be wrong about this and there may be a Northern tribe where it is customary for the Womens traditionals to wear crowns. :)


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              Yea, it definately is the trend here in the south. But I think the ones that are so tall they could get hit by lightening are a bit much!


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                Well I guess I have to add a crown to my long list. Now what would be a good size. I mean for the front part should 3" high be good or 4" . Open to suggestions.


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                  What style of dancing does your daughter do?
                  If she is Northern mostly they dont wear crowns unless they have been appointed the crown.
                  If she is Southern most Southern dancers I have seen wear crowns that have their clan or tribes symbol or simply just crowns that match what their wearing. I have also seen Southern dancers without crowns. But like they were saying if its a trend then you dont want to be the only one with out a crown?!
                  It depends how old and big/tall your daughter is to how big you want the crown to be. if she is young then you dont want a crown thats as big as her head. but thats just my 50 cents.:Angel: :agree?: :e11: :$$$:


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                    Thanks ndnchicka2004 for the info
                    she dances Southern and I am still trying to decide yes or no. At the rate things change maybe Crowns won't be in by the time I bead it. :)


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                      There is a growing trend here in the East for women and young ladies to wear crowns. It started off being for those who accomplished something major or royalty.


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                        since it seems like you going to go ahead and get yourself a crown just because it is the "in" thing these days; why don't you just stick two pieces of paper in a hat one reading 3"high the piece reading 4" high and base you decision that way.
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                          Some Northern, actually, Eastern woodlands, wore crowns.
                          I have books w/pics of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) women back in the day who wore crowns when they wuz decked out for the photographer, and they were not Indin princesses, hah. but these crowns are made of velvet or maybe felt with seed bead decorations. and I've seen pics of Oneida royalty wearing that style these days, so donno if just anybody can. I'm so far out west most people have never seen my style of outfit anyhow.

                          I wear a single little eaglefeather on the side cause my uncle said I had earned it for some things and that I should wear it everytime I am dressed to dance, no matter which style....but then I'm an old Rule-breaker from way back. so shoot me, heh heh....
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                            Well theepowwowchic49 thanks for the suggestion, but I am still not sold on a crown. I actually agree with those who think it should be something earned. Since the dress is very old I think I'll stick to the original accessories and the idea of a crown would make my husband laugh. He is from the 1940's as old as the dress.


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                              i was told that you use your hand...the crown should be no bigger than your hand...
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