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    How do you learn how to buckskin dance?
    It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.

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    attend powwows, get powwow videos, etc.
    Don't ever stop dancing


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      I usally attend powwows.But I am not a Pure blooded indian though I have A lot in great grandma was a full blooded Crenshaw Indian and my grandpa was a Full blooded cherokee.So y'all may think I ain't worthy enough to be taught this dance but it is in my heritage and all I want is to learn it.Where can I buy these movies that teach you or is there a dance school to teach me not a full blooded indian:Help
      It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.


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        i know very little full blooded natives. if you take pride inyour heritage great! im not sure how it is where ever you are, but the tribal center here did have dance classes with arts and crafts and so on. so you might want to look at your nearest tribal center. but ask your friends, if you have any that dance, get a powwow tape wit sum music, but one from a good drum. watch what ppl are doin bend your knees, and land your foot with beats
        -have fun
        dont be afraid to ask 4 help!


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          The closest tribal center is in Florida and I don't think my mama would travel that far just for lessons.I am from way down in south Alabama.None of my friends cares about indians or what the do.So anythang I do I am goin to have to do it ya'll know where I could get some of them movies?All we have down here is Wal mart.The closest mall is 4 counties a way please help me.:indian2:
          It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.


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            well how many pws do you get to a year?

            if i were you what i would do is maybe order some online, has sum. then to get sum experience i would make a very simple skirt and dress(cloth) with shawl and just do sum dancin intertribals and all until i got pretty good
            ya know, if you're just learnin gurls who are your age will know exactly what they're doin cuz they've been dancin since they could walk so don't feel intimidated.
            if you decided that you want to dance skin then look into that style after goin to a few pws and dancin in cloth. bc you might like another style. i just started dancin last year i love cloth but im gonna make a fancy soon bc one day i wont have that option ya know. so while you're out there watch the other dancers ask why they do certain things. remember dance from the heart and have fun!


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              Chenoa; No tribal center in so Alabama? Well online may be your ticket however have you checked to see if Indian Education is offered through the schools where you live. PLEASE tell me it is. They usually have a wealth of books ,videos and helpful people who can quide you to happenings. No center in so Alabama? That's difficult. p.s. great name.....I used it on my eldest daughter! my little dove


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                Another option go to powwows and video tape the adult contests. Then buy you some Southern and NOrthern CD's and practice in your living room.

                and when you're practicing video tape yourself and you can see how you compare.

                Make sure you move with grace and pride... keep that chin up and your back straight and arms up.

                Hope that helps.
                The only time its too late to start dancing is when you're dead.


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                  It does help and thank y'all.I think muscle shoals has the closest center in south alabama and I would be closer to go florida.I will try this an thank y'all again
                  It is not the the blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.


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