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  • Weatherproofing

    Just wondering what others like using to waterproof their buckskins.

    I am wanting to do so, but like more natural methods

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    Well, that's a good question. If you're talking about the native-tanned hides, I don't know that there is much you can do. I have one buckskin dress with really white hides, and man do I have to be careful with it. A few little drops of water or whatever, and that chalk or baby power does the trick, but if it ever got really wet, the hides would probably be just ruined. The smoked hides are a bit more forgiving, but it's still kind of a challenge. If anyone else has ideas, I'd sure like to hear them. As it is, if it looks like rain, I just run for cover!


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      Some ladies told me they use stuff that gets put on leather boots and what not.

      But my buckskin is ......well its my friggin' buckskin! I worked very hard on it and it means very much to me, to much to be rubbing synthetic what not all over it :D

      But then there are days like tomorow where i want to wear it to dance sooo bad but weatherman says, pfft no way jose.


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        I can't imagine applying a waterproofing or repellent to buckskin. The commercial hides most dresses are made of these days are not terribly breathable to begin with and any coating will just make them less so and more hot to wear. Plus, the leather texture/finish might get ruined or it attracts dust and dirt. No thanks. If it looks like rain before a dance starts then I will usually try to be close to shelter, have an umbrella handy or wear a cloth dress. Some ladies have a separate leather-looking skirt made of cloth which could get a little wet without any problems. A great idea if you have a 2-piece style dress with separate yoke.

        My understanding is that braintanned buckskin that has been heavily smoked is somwhat water resistant. You will still have to work out the stiffness in the hide but at least it will soften up again. White braintan and commercial hides do not have this feature, unfortunately.


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